At Club TBD, Kate calls someone incompetent and hangs up on them. She tells Lucas Nick's returning to work for MadWorld and Ortiz came up with no dirt on Jordan. Lucas thinks she's insane. When Sami finds out Kate's the reason Nick's sticking around Salem, "She's going to grab you by that blue streak and yank the hair right out of your head." Kate insists she has Sami under control. Lucas wonders if the reason Ortiz can't dig up the dirt on her is because Jordan hasn't used those ids yet. She's waiting to use them when she's finished being Jordan Ridgewood. Lucas asks her to try to let Rafe be happy and goes.

Jordan jumps back into Rafe's bed after returning from work. They make love and decide to go for pizza.

Will arrives home with an engagement ring for Sonny. He slips it on his partner's hand and Sonny puts Will's on his finger. They kiss happily and Will says Sonny taught him what it meant to love. He shoves him to the sofa and kisses him. They laugh and discuss telling friends and family.

Liam arrives with flowers for Jennifer at her place and comments that Maxine's spreading JJ's good news around the hospital. Jenn must be relieved about his sentence. Jenn admits she's relieved and exhausted but isn't sure she's good company this evening. Liam understands but talks her into going out.

Theresa pressures Daniel at his place to sign the check he made out to her for fifteen thousand dollars. JJ arrives and tells her the jig is up. He knows Theresa confessed she remembers the night she overdosed. He calls her predictable and she starts beating on him and calling him names. Daniel pulls her off him. JJ reminds her Daniel saved her life. He asks her to take this chance and run with it. She mocks him but he tells her life is what you make it. She threatens the men and saunters out. JJ is glad they're done with her and wants to tell his mother but Daniel has reservations. They can't trust Theresa so JJ promises not to say anything.

In the park Abigail knows EJ and Sami have done a lot of awful things to each other over the years but would she forgive this? Sami walks up and asks what the big secret is. EJ says Sami already knows the truth about what happened with Nick and Gabi. Sami thanks Abby for everything she did and Abby shrugs and runs off. Sami comments that Abby couldn't get away from her fast enough. EJ says it's not her, it's Nick. She groans and tells him she hasn't found time to tell Sonny and Will about Nick's blackmail. Sami goes and EJ finds Abby in the Horton Square. She's disgusted and asks if he even knows who the real EJ is. She sure doesn't. He tells her he loves his family and Sami.

Jordan and Rafe arrive at the pub. Rafe's almost ready to ditch his cane. They kiss and somebody watches from outside. Jordan moans as they share apple pie. Kate walks in and Rafe shows off. He can stand without a cane. She's happy for him. Jordan leaves to make a call and Rafe credits Kate for a big part of his recovery. Rafe asks how Sheryl's working out and Kate says she works for Lucas but hears it's going well. She leaves and Ortiz calls. She has new ideas about Jordan. She walks away and somebody watches Jordan and Rafe.

Theresa arrives at Judge Goldberg's chambers and asks to see him, but she can't go through with it and takes off.

Sami and Lucas arrive at Sonny's. They've an announcement and show off their engagement rings. Lucas congratulates them but Sami asks if they're crazy. They're young and have enough complications in their lives. Sexy guitar music plays and Will coaxes her into understanding. She apologizes. He always was the grown up in this family. She cries and hugs them before she goes. Lucas tells the guys he's proud of them before he goes.

Daniel runs into Theresa at the hospital. He helps her with some dropped files. She didn't ask for his help but she'll need it if she wants to stay out of jail. He tells her to leave Jennifer alone.

JJ returns home and finds Jenn and Liam kissing at the door. They leave on their date and JJ realizes he really does need to tell Jenn the truth.

Abby has wine at Club TBD and flashes to sex with EJ.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Marlena's suspicious of Nicole.

Abby can't walk away from EJ.

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