At Daniel's, Hope gets off a call and tells Daniel, Eric, and Nicole that the cops traced Dr. Chyka using facial recognition software. He's in Morocco but they've no extradition treaty with them so he won't be able to stand trial. Hope takes another call and learns Chyka's cabin was stripped clean. If there was evidence it's gone. Nicole stares at the evidence lying in plain sight. Nicole worries to herself if she shows it to Eric it'll change everything. Daniel asks Hope not to arrest Nicole and kicks himself for the plan not working. Nicole gets ready for work and later Eric offers to walk her out. He's off to see Father Matt. They go and Hope returns. Without Chyka around, there's nobody to press charges. She tells him to call if he needs police work done in the future and promises to fill him in on JJ's sentencing.

Will prepares to romance Sonny at home.

At Club TBD, Sonny receives a gift from Will - a picture book of their love. He tells Terry to take over and runs out.

Abigail helps JJ with his tie at home. He's nervous about what the judge will say today at the hearing. Aiden Jennings shows up. He's representing JJ because Justin can't be there. Adien admits a letter came in last night from the shop owner JJ stole from. He's claiming JJ doesn't deserve another chance and is suggesting community service. Jenn takes Aiden aside and asks if there's a chance he'll go to prison. Aiden doubts it.

Theresa gazes longingly at a handbag at a Horton Square shop where Brady finds her. He teases her. "I'm supposed to be impressed by that?" He tells her good things come to those who wait and she starts to laugh. She flirts and finds out Daniel's back. They part ways and Brady considers calling Eric but shakes his head. Later, Nicole and Eric stroll as Nicole asks Eric to wait to leave the priesthood in case evidence shows up. Eric already spoke with Father Matt and the bishop but since he hasn't put anything into writing, she asks him to "re-evaluate." Eric needs to move on with his life. He comments on her always thinking of him. She looks guilty. Once he's gone, she looks to God for answers.

Sonny arrives home. Will's wearing the shirt Sonny got him for Christmas. They kiss and Sonny gives Will a book from E. M. Forster. The book is about a gay romance which doesn't end well. Sonny comments they're luckier these days. Will hands over one more page for the photo album. Sonny reads today's date which marks the date "Will finally wised up and said yes to Sonny." Will says if they keep waiting for his baggage to clear, they'll never marry. Will tears up and says, "Sonny Kiriakis, I would love to marry you." They kiss passionately and make love. This is the best day of Sonny's life aside from Ari being born. Will says once they're married, he'll be her step-dad. Will wants to marry today but Sonny wants a big wedding.

Maggie and Victor return home to the Kiriakis mansion from a visit to the museum. He jokes that he didn't take her there to romance her on Valentine's Day but for the chocolate pretzels. She's off to JJ's hearing and Victor says he has a meeting with Brady. They debate over whether or not Victor should bring up rehab. After Maggie's gone, Victor and Brady have finished a meeting. Brady goes for a drink and Victor allows it, saying this is his drink for the day. Brady laughs. He doesn't want to hear a lecture so goes.

Abby and JJ meet Abe in the courtroom. JJ's left alone and Theresa walks in. She was paying parking tickets so thought she'd wish him good luck. JJ threatens her and she leaves when Abby and Abe return. Judge Goldberg, Aiden, Maggie, Jenn all arrive and session begins. Goldberg wants to use JJ to set an example but Aiden points out that he gave his word he'd let JJ off if he abided by the law. How would going back on his word set a good example? JJ tells the judge he has changed because of his family. He'll repay them by ensuring this doesn't happen again. The judge sentences him to a year of probation and 100 hours of community service. Everyone cheers and hugs JJ. Aiden leaves and bumps right into Hope on her way in. Maggie heads out and tells her the good news.

A miserable Brady drinks at Club TBD and then takes off.

Theresa goes to Daniel's in tears. They need to talk, now. Daniel tries to beg off but she's insistent.

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