On a bench in the square, Gabi and Sami talk about love and Nick. Gabi wonders how Sami taking EJ back is different than her giving Nick the benefit of the doubt. Sami thinks she's being super-bitchy. Gabi says what Nick did doesn't compare to what she and EJ have done to each other. They bicker. Sami is outraged she's defending Nick, and worries that she's considering giving him another chance. Gabi says Sami's engaged to EJ. "People change."

Outside the pub, Nick tells EJ he has two words for him: attempted murder. EJ informs Mr. Fallon he's not thinking very clearly. Nick chuckles. EJ asks what he wants. Nick tells him he knows about him sending his men to clean up the woods where Kate and Sami dragged him. He wants EJ to leave him alone to rebuild his life. EJ agrees - unless he becomes a threat to Samantha.

At the courthouse, Aiden tells Hope her family is very nice. She scoffs. "And I'm the exception?" Jennifer appears and invites Aiden to a celebration back at the house. Hope stammers that it would be nice. He agrees. In the other room, Abigail is surprised that JJ doesn't seem happier and that he plans to text Daniel. He explains that their mom would want Daniel to know. Abigail says she'll do it. Jenn joins JJ and tells him how happy she is that nothing is hanging over their heads any longer.

At Daniel's place, Theresa complains that he didn't tell her that JJ was there the night she OD'd. "Why is that, Daniel?" Daniel realizes she's known all along. She grins. "I like to play games." She says they've both been lying to people for months. He admits JJ called him when she OD'd and he came over. Daniel gets a text from Maggie that JJ got probation. Theresa tells Daniel she wants to take their relationship to the next level and warns that refusing could cost him his license, plus she could talk and get JJ's probation revoked. Theresa tells him to kick Nicole out and then they'll have sex and date - a nice long affair. Daniel says it would hurt Jennifer. She calls Jenn a mousy little bitch. Daniel realizes this is about punishing Jenn and orders her out. She pulls out her video evidence. Theresa yammers about Jenn and JJ. Daniel throws her phone against the wall and yells. Theresa decides a payoff will do for now - something in the high five figures. Daniel gets a text from Abigail about JJ. He agrees to pay.

At the Horton house, a celebration ensues as JJ and the others get home. Kayla tells JJ she knew everything would work out. Jenn is upset when JJ's friends show up. JJ tells Jenn they stuck by him. JJ thanks everyone and then leaves with his pals. Hope chats with Aiden, but Ciara is taken aback to see him there. She reminds Hope, loudly, what she said about him. Aiden leaves. Kayla tries to talk to Jenn about Daniel, but she refuses. She says there's no future there since he spent the night with Theresa and didn't even try to explain.

In the Brady Pub, Nick asks Gabi to join him for chowder. She agrees, but feels it's weird to sit there like nothing happened. He says he's changed. She points out that he blackmailed Kate. He justifies it - he'll make her millions. He insists he doesn't blame Sami and Kate - he understands why they hate him - yet what they did was wrong. Later, Hope and Ciara arrive. Hope assures Ciara she and Aiden won't be having playdates. Nearby, Nick says goodbye to Gabi and tells the baby her mother is beautiful.

Outside Club TBD, Sami meets EJ and tells him Gabi is thinking of giving Nick another chance. She says Gabi compared it to their relationship. EJ insists he'd never hurt Sami again. She says she knows and leaves. After, Abigail appears. She and EJ step away and she questions him about holding Sami's hand. He reminds her she knows how he feels about Sami. Sami returns in time to hear Abigail wonder if Sami would forgive him if she knew about them. Inside, Club TBD, JJ and his friends discuss Theresa. His friends are happy she was de-fanged, but JJ says she came by the courthouse and was...too friendly. Suddenly, he realizes why.

JJ arrives at Daniel's place as Theresa is pressuring him to sign a check.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Abigail informs Sami that she and EJ share a secret.

An unknown person watches Rafe and Jordan.

JJ defeats Theresa.

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