At the Horton Square, Hope flashes to her last meeting with Aiden and is glad she won't have to talk to "that jerk" Aiden. She spins around and spills coffee all over Aiden's coat. She apologizes profusely and helps him clean up, then starts to get the giggles.

At Club TBD, Rafe and Jordan kiss. He says he'll keep Arthur supplied with cat nip. She's sorry she didn't mention she had a cat. Rafe wishes her a happy Valentine's Day and gives her a blue pen as a gift. Now she can stop buying the cheap ones that leak on her uniform. Touched, she kisses him and they take off together.

Will visits EJ at the DiMera mansion. He heard Abigail was there earlier and asks if EJ thinks she seemed okay with him. EJ supposes it has to do with family but Will says this is about a guy. She told him. EJ flashes to having sex with Abby and Will tells him she's a genius about picking the wrong guy. They discuss how things are complicated with EJ and Sami because of what Kristen did to Eric. Will hopes they work things out.

At Gabi's, Sami tries lying to Nick about the three of them being far away from the woods the night he claims they tried to murder him. Nick plays on Gabi's insecurities. "Does she talk to you like that?" Kate orders him out. Percy flashes to saving Nick's life and Nick asking him not to call the cops. "I'll make it worth your while," Nick said. Percy hands over photos of Sami, Kate, and Gabi hurtling Nick into the river and says Nick didn't want them to wind up in prison. Kate thinks Percy and Nick knew each other previously but Percy claims that's not true. They ask what he's going to do with the photos. Nick jokes about putting them into a scrapbook. He says he saved all of Kate's texts - he was one of the friends on the call list. He wants a chance to start over. He tells Gabi he thinks of his scar as a reminder of him attacking her. The men leave and Gabi wonders if he really has changed. Sami loves her but tells her to grow up. Gabi can't be reasoned with so they ask her not to "buy into Nick's bull." Will arrives and kicks Gabi and Ari out because he wants a little alone time with Sonny. Will digs up some candles and wine and tells Sonny's picture this will be a Valentine's Day they'll never forget.

At Daniel's, Eric asks if Nicole was able to clear his name. Daniel calls and she lets him know Dr. Chyka got away. When he asks if she was able to get the proof Chyka helped Kristen, she tells him she'll call him back. She explains to Eric what happened at the cabin but leaves out finding evidence.

Back at the square, Aiden's stone-faced. He asks Hope to forget they ever met and stomps off. She takes a call from Daniel who has a story for her... Later, Rafe and Jordan cannodle and Jordan walks him home.

Back at Daniel's, Eric asks if Nicole's telling him everything. She hems and haws and talks about giving him a happy ending.

Daniel and Hope meet at Salem PD. She wishes he would have called her before he went after Chyka. She reminds him if he had found evidence against Chyka, most of it would be inadmissible in court. He knows and offers to give her one of Stefano's goons who may lead them to Chyka. Hope sends a few cops to get Ricardo who is tied up in the trunk of his car at the train station. They head to Daniel's to talk to Nicole.

Kate walks past the Brady's pub and calls Ortiz. He hasn't found any dirt on Jordan yet which irks her.

Jordan takes Rafe back to her place where they make love. After, they reflect on meeting each other.

Sami returns home and tells EJ Percy took photos of them dragging Nick's body through the woods and dumping his body. EJ tells her to wait and let him make his move. He tells her it's Valentine's Day and they reminisce about his proposal. He gives her a necklace which matches her earrings. "Happy Valentine's Day, Samantha." She's flabbergasted. He puts it on her and kisses her cheek. She kisses him on the mouth but has to take a business call.

Hope and Daniel turn up at his apartment. Hope tells them they're both officially retired as PIs. What they did was wrong. Nicole lies and says she never found anything incriminating. Hope's glad. Now she can get a warrant and search legally.

Nick finds Gabi at the square. He hopes what happened in the apartment didn't upset her. They reminisce about Valentine's Day last year.

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Hope has news about Dr. Chyka.

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