Rafe walks into Salem PD to a round of applause. He asks Roman if he can work at putting Stefano away. Roman reminds him they've attempted it time and time again and says he and Caroline are waiting for EJ to screw up before Sami marries EJ. Rafe's glad Kate at least got out of 'that mausoleum'. He says she's been in his corner since the attack but they're over. He's dating someone new.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ comforts Abigail about JJ's sentencing. She worries about people knowing the kind of person she really is. EJ extols her virtues. They acted without thinking and now that they know 'people' will be hurt... He trails off. Abby wonders if they could be together if he wasn't with Sami but EJ prefers to deal with reality. He wants her to move on. Johnny rushes in and Abigail says goodbye. Later, EJ slams things around, wondering where Sami is.

At Club TBD, Lucas worries that Kate will screw-up his chances with Sheryl. He meets her and Jordan, who is down in the dumps because one of her patients may never walk again. Lucas leaves for a meeting. Outside, he texts Kate to back off from Jordan because she's a good person. Rafe arrives and pulls a face as he overhears Jordan and Sheryl talking about how much she loves Arthur. Sheryl leaves and Rafe confronts her about jerking him around. He accuses her of seeing someone else - Arthur. Jordan strings him along and admits they live together. She says it was love at first sight but he started treating things she loved like toys and the relationship became a disaster. Things changed once she had him neutered. Rafe relaxes when she tells him Arthur's her cat. They hold hands as they agree they're both in too deep.

In the Brady's Pub, Sami and Nick debate over why Kate would rehire him, despite the fact that they tried to murder him. Sami gasps. She suggests they take this somewhere private. Nick comments on how Sami makes Gabi's decisions for her and wishes Gabi would think for herself.

At Daniel's, Eric tells Nicole that he's renounced his vows and wants to spend his life with her. She says he can't do it - it's so wrong! Eric says the church can't move on from the scandal with him there. Nicole flashes to reading Chyka's documents which prove he was drugged and says she loves him more than ever. He thinks this is the happy ending she wanted. He moves in and they rub noses. Nicole calls him the perfect man for her but that's a fantasy. She tells him she and Daniel figured out who helped Kristen drug him. Eric wants to know if the man confessed and is incarcerated.

Kate, Gabi, Sami and Nick arrive at Sonny's. Nick accuses Sami and Kate of almost ruining "poor" Gabi's life in the process of attempting to kill him. He hopes Gabi can forgive him for attacking her and knows she still wanted to save him. She acknowledges it's true. Kate and Sami collectively gasp. Nick tries to turn Gabi against them. A knock comes to the door. Nick opens it and there stands Percy. "Greetings," he says. Sami and Kate tell him to shut up. Nick explains how Percy saved his life by extending a branch into the water. Sami tries to lie about their attempt to kill him and thinks it'll be their word over his.

Lucas and Sheryl make a business deal at the Horton Square. The client calls Sheryl a keeper and goes. Lucas says Kate bringing her to Salem worked out better than she hoped. When he saw her portfolio, he knew he could call off the search. Sheryl's touched and hugs him but cringes at being unprofessional.

Abby stares at photos outside the Brady's pub. If they only knew what she has done. She flashes to sex with EJ. She still wants him even though it's wrong.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole makes a decision that will affect Eric.

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