At Club TBD, Will opens up to Marlena about Sonny asking for his hand in marriage. Marlena is happy for him and they embrace. Will explains he hasn't said yes yet because of his complicated life. He doesn't want to hurt Sonny. Marlena reminds him Sonny's there because he wants to be and advises him to go for it if things look good to him.

At the Brady's pub, Kate calls Ortiz and hounds him to get the goods on Jordan. Julie wanders in and apologizes for blaming her for Nick leaving Salem. She heard Kate hired Nick back at MadWorld and is happy. Still, she'll keep her eye on him. She leaves and Kate mumbles, "You miserable SOB."

From home, Gabi flashes to letting Nick hold Arianna. She asks Sonny if it's possible Nick has become a good guy and admits she let Nick hold Ari. Sonny flips out. Both agree Nick remembers about the "murder" but Gabi thinks he has forgiven her. Sonny figures Nick has deluded her.

Nick finds Abigail flashing back to shower sex with EJ at Horton Square. Is she okay? She's fine. He tells her Kate hired her back at MadWorld, causing Abigail to do a double take. He says they're burying the hatchet and wanders off with a glint in his eye.

Sami heads into the great room at the DiMera mansion and apologizes to EJ for being unable to continue their conversation last night. Once Eric returns she'll convince him EJ had nothing to do with Kristen's schemes. They discuss EJ's ultimatum and she agrees 'this' has to stop. They'll find a way to 'color inside' their own lines. She gets the door to Abigail before she runs to work. Johnny insists one of his parents must help with the baking so EJ's forced to join them. Afterward, Johnny enthuses about Abigail and goes off to share a cupcake with Sydney. EJ tells Abby he and Sami are working at bridging their differences. Abby is confused. Where does that leave her? She assumes she's been nothing but a distraction but EJ doesn't think of her that way. Abigail admits it hurts 'like hell' that he wants Sami over her.

Nicole arrives home with the evidence to clear Eric's name and finds Brady. He explains he's there to get away from Maggie and Victor. She uses Brady's cell to text Daniel who is on his way home and starts shooting her mouth off about Eric but Brady doesn't want to listen. He leaves and she reads the evidence, glad to learn Chyka kept records on everything.

Eric returns to Salem and St. Luke's and greets Father Louis. Brother Timothy's counsel really helped him and he now knows what he has to do.

Nick meets Kate at the Brady's pub. He tries to convince her to let him return to work for her. He brings up Percy. She'll get along with him so well. He thinks it's cool that Percy doesn't say hello but always says, "Greetings." Kate rolls her eyes. Nick leans in. He heard the two get along swimmingly already. He knows she met Percy in the woods while he was birdwatching. Nick insists they shake on it in lieu of drawing up a contract.

Back at the club, Will tells his grandma he's planning on saying yes to Sonny. Julie runs in and excitedly yammers about how improved Nick is. He's even getting his old job back with Kate. Will and Marlena look surprised.

Brady runs into Father Louis at the Horton Square and learns his brother has returned from the retreat. Brady doesn't care. Father Louis knows they've problems but...Brady stops him and reminds him about the sex video being thrown in his face. He isn't interested in forgiveness.

Eric shows up at Daniel's and lets Nicole know he has asked to be released from his vows. He's in love with Nicole and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Sami arrives at Sonny's, who tells her about Nick holding Arianna. Will calls and tells Sonny Kate hired Nick. Sonny repeats this and Sami and Gabi find it inconceivable that she caved. Sami says they need to talk sense into her and takes off with Gabi.

Sami and Gabi hurry into the pub and stop Kate before she shakes Nick's hand. Sami tells Nick they've played this game long enough.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole shares good news with Eric.

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