Sami and EJ have Johnny at the Horton Square. Sami wears spectacles and acts meek as EJ says they've something to celebrate. They race to the pub for ice cream.

Rafe jokes at Club TBD that Lucas isn't a very good date considering he's on a call at the bar. Sheryl giggles. Meanwhile, when Lucas tells Kate Jordan's already on her way home, she hangs up on him. Sheryl takes a call from her mother while Rafe asks how Kate feels about him dating Jordan. Rafe cares about her. Lucas is sure she's okay with it. Sheryl returns and suggests Rafe call Jordan to say goodnight.

At Jordan's hotel room, Kate scrambles to put Jordan's belongings the way she found them. Jordan calls out to Arthur, saying she's home. She reads the mail and drops an envelope. When she picks it up, Kate grimaces from under the bed. A meow comes from across the room and Jordan goes to get her cat. She takes Rafe's call and they chit chat while Kate texts Lucas to get Jordan to return to the club.

Lucas excuses himself from Sheryl at the pub to tell Kate he has no idea how. At Jordan's, Kate's allergies act up and she stifles a sneeze.

Back at the club, Lucas trips Rafe and asks Sheryl to get Jordan to come back. At Jordan's, she gets the text and runs off, worried. Kate sneezes and tells the cat to stay away from her if he knows what's good for him.

Eric prays at the retreat. He tells Father Timothy he had an epiphany. Eric admits he was arrogant and selfish not to let God's will show him his path. He is ashamed he forgot that the sex tape affected the parishioners - not just him. Eric finally knows his path.

At Dr. Chyka's cabin, a shot rings out and hits Chyka's hidden safe. Daniel and Ricardo fight and Nicole grabs the gun. Daniel knocks Ricardo out and Nicole says, "You got him." Chyka, in his drugged state, repeats her. Daniel grabs the extra gun on Ricardo and runs outside to make sure he's alone. He returns. Ricardo came alone. He checks Ricardo's phone and notices texts from Bruno (Stefano) wondering where he is. Daniel texts "Bruno" that everything is fine and he returns the text, saying he's on the way. Daniel wants to drop Ricardo off at the train station. He tells Nicole to get Chyka to talk on video and then leave, immediately. He goes and Nicole interrogates Chyka. She gives him a football analogy to remind him how important this is. He tells her, "The boat is leaking. 34-75-15 hike!" Behind her, there's a bullet hole in the painting which conceals his safe. Nicole tries to inject him but he's free of his binds and grabs her. They struggle and he hits her and takes off in his car. Nicole notices the hole in the painting and removes it to find the safe. She recalls the combination and opens the safe and takes everything out.

Adrienne finds Abby at the Brady's pub. She was wrong to tell Jenn about seeing Abby with EJ but she did so out of concern. She goes into detail about how EJ threatened her last year but admits she now understands the reason was because he was defending the woman he loves. They discuss JJ's trial as Johnny rushes in. EJ and Sami follow. Johnny misses Abigail. Johnny has to bake cupcakes for school tomorrow and since Sami and EJ are busy, Adrienne offers Abby to help. Sami tells EJ he can help. Adrienne thanks EJ for saying such lovely things about her brother and his book. She leaves and Abby watches EJ with his family. Sami gushes to Abby about how happy she is to have someone she likes and trusts help Johnny.

Jordan returns to the club and Rafe assures her he's fine. She examines him and Sheryl gets ice. He's fine and walks her home. Lucas tells Sheryl he has a business call at the office and dashes off.

Lucas meets Kate at the park. She tells him about Jordan's fake IDs. Lucas says it doesn't mean anything. Kate says her PI will investigate and find something juicy. Lucas calls her sad and says Rafe trusts her and he won't be dragged down as collateral damage. He goes and Kate calls Ortiz. Rafe walks through the Horton Square with Jordan and they are happy Lucas and Sheryl are getting along well.

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