At the Horton Square, Kate tells Lucas she's about to learn more about Jordan. Nearby, Jordan wanders the park. Rafe hooks her with his cane. He knew it was good for something. Jordan invited Sheryl out with them tonight. Rafe's supportive that she's mending fences and is glad Jordan no longer thinks Kate brought Sheryl to town as a conspiracy. Jordan grimaces. She doesn't want to dwell on it especially tonight. They kiss. Back at the square, Kate encourages Lucas to go out with Sheryl and ignore the whole work "yadda yadda yadda." She asks that when the date is over he call. Sheryl arrives and leaves with Lucas. Kate hops on the phone with Ortiz and asks him to meet her. She'll have to handle this personally.

At home, Gabi worries to Will that Nick will take revenge on her. She's losing it and calls this torture. Will offers to stay home but she tells him to go.

At the retreat, Father Timothy talks to Eric about his faith in God and His will and asks Eric to allow Him to reveal the path he'll take. Eric flashes to being a priest and good times with Nicole.

From the bushes near Dr. Chyka's cabin, Ricardo is on his cell. He tells Stefano Chyka's not alone and is tied up. Should he eliminate everyone in the cabin? Stefano orders him to ensure the answers Chyka spills stay inside the cabin. Ricardo hangs up and cocks his gun before running to the cabin. Back inside, Chyka is recorded telling Nicole and Daniel he met Kristen through his benefactor, Stefano DiMera who will kill him if he says anything more. Eventually, Chyka spills about being tasked with creating the drug combo for Father Eric. He even has documentation but before he can say where they are, Ricardo busts through the door. "Nobody moves," he rasps. Daniel grabs Ricardo's gun but Ricardo knocks Daniel out. "One to go. Two down," Ricardo says, grinning. Chyka starts doing math and Nicole tries to talk Ricardo into changing sides while Daniel hits Ricardo with a poker. The two fight and the gun goes off aimed at Daniel's face.

Nick walks into Club TBD. Sonny gives him a cold beer and the cold shoulder. He advises Nick to stop telling people he has changed and just do it. Once he has he should check if anyone notices... or cares. He leaves and Will arrives. They dish about whether or not Nick remembers the "murder." Rafe and Jordan arrive and Rafe tells Will his father's meeting him there with a woman.

Lucas and Sheryl discuss their date outside the Brady's pub. They agree to separate their relationship from work.

Back at the club, Rafe gives Jordan baseball tickets. They banter and kiss. Lucas and Sheryl arrive and Sheryl's introduced to Will and Sonny. Will breaks out Arianna's baby photos and Sheryl gushes. They meet Jordan and Rafe and Lucas jokes about Rafe's baseball tickets being for the cheap seats. Lucas goes to Will and they discuss Nick. Lucas asks him to let him know if Nick causes any issues. Meanwhile, Jordan receives a text from work asking her to come in three hours early. She toddles off to bed.

Kate breaks into Jordan's apartment. "Game on," she says and begins to rummage. She sniffs a few times and takes a few swipes at her nose as if something stinks. She finds Jordan's lockbox and the identification cards. She calls Lucas who tells her Jordan left already. Just then, Jordan arrives home.

Gabi runs into Nick at the Brady's pub. He asks to hold the baby and apologizes for asking. Gabi flashes to having sex with him and reluctantly allows it. Nick thinks they're alike. Their passion makes them lose control. He talks about their mistakes being in the past and wanting a clean slate. He hands the baby over and thanks her. It feels like a first step. She nods and he leaves.

Will and Sonny discuss Nick in the park until Sonny decides they should talk less and kiss more.

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