At Jennifer's house, she tells Hope she can't find JJ and is worried about Justin not being in court tomorrow. Jenn feels both of her children are on edge. Hope talks about Ciara morphing into the class bully - she's acting out because Bo isn't around. Jenn is sympathetic. Hope wishes Jenn luck at court.

In the park, Abe comes upon Theresa and JJ arguing. Theresa tells Abe he should stick around. She talks about JJ's sentencing tomorrow. Abe says no one's perfect, and she's had her fair share of chances because she's a Brady. Once alone, JJ tells Theresa if he goes down, he's taking her with him.

In Club TBD, Abby flashes to showering with EJ. Maggie appears. They talk about the christening and then Maggie mentions Brady's having a tough time. Abby acts distracted. Maggie says she seems off. Abby claims she's just worried about JJ's sentencing. They decide to go to the house.

At Daniel's apartment, Brady imagines Daniel having to save his life. He looks at the booze in front of him and tells himself he's got it under control.

At the retreat, Eric tells Father Timothy that even if he's not asked to leave the church, his feelings for Nicole won't change. Timothy muses that he loves the woman and the church. He asks about Nicole's feelings for Eric. Eric says they were each other's first love. Father Timothy asks about Nicole being self-serving. Eric defends her and says she was afraid to show her feelings. Father Timothy asks if she's really the kind of woman he wants to give up being a priest for. Eric talks about how he let Nicole down and she gave him her forgiveness. He says he loves Nicole above anyone...except God. Father Timothy tells Eric to pray and choose his life - the decision is in his hands.

In the cabin, Nicole taunts Chyka about what they might inject him with. Panicked, he warns they would be breaking the law. Daniel muses that Chyka would know all about that. He suggests Chyka tell them what they want to know so they can clear Eric's name. Nicole grabs her phone to videotape. Chyka won't confess. Daniel prepares to inject him in the neck. Nicole is worried Daniel could lose his license. They whisper argue. Daniel injects Chyka with truth serum, but it doesn't work well. Daniel injects more serum. Chyka passes out but awakens and starts answering questions - he admits he knows Kristen DiMera. Outside, Ricardo phones Stefano and asks if he should eliminate the people with Chyka.

JJ takes Theresa into the supply store and tells Kurt this is her last chance. She asks for the check. JJ says he'll take it and make Abigail think she lost it. He asks Theresa why she wants everyone to hate her and tells her she's the loser, not him. She says he's changed. JJ says seeing her almost die opened his eyes. Theresa issues a warning and leaves. JJ sighs with relief.

Abe runs into Brady in the square and gives him an envelope from his father. It says he will always be his son. He wants Brady to know how much their relationship means to him. Brady rips it up and tells Abe to pass it along.

Hope and Ciara meet Chase and his father in an office. Father Louis is delayed. Later, Father Louis arrives and says Chase has been teased, but isn't blameless; he ripped Ciara's uniform. The kids both apologize. After, Hope tells Chase's father she understands what he's going through. He says she has no idea and tells her to keep Ciara away from Chase. Hope tells Father Louis Mr. Jennings is a big jerk.

Theresa finds Brady at Daniel's and complains that she has to find a way to make someone pay for screwing her over. Brady says he's been messed around with too and pours a drink. Theresa says she forgives Brady, but someone else won't be so lucky. She exits into the hall and mutters about gunning for JJ and his mother. Inside, Brady drinks.

JJ arrives at home, where Maggie's been talking about Brady being on a slippery slope. JJ tells Jennifer she won't have to worry about him ever again. They discuss Justin's absence. Later, JJ pretends to find Abigail's check in a desk drawer. Abby clucks that she's been out of it lately. He tells her things are looking up. Jennifer learns about the check and reassures Abigail. She thinks something more is bothering her and offers to listen without judgement. Later, Maggie rejoins them and JJ apologizes to them all, and thanks them for standing by him.

Salem spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Kate breaks into Jordan’s apartment and makes a startling discovery.

Daniel and Nicole’s mission takes a dangerous turn.

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