Tad greets EJ at Club TBD. EJ orders scotch. Tad tries joking with EJ but he's too tense. Sami calls. She is staying in Chicago overnight. She asks about "Mr. Greetings" and EJ tells her to stop calling Perry that. They've got to wait until his next move. They start arguing about their relationship and she demands he stop giving her ultimatums. She hangs up on him and he cancels his lunch to work out at the corporate gym.

Abby runs into Nick at the Horton Square. He wants to have a coffee together. She reluctantly agrees and asks what happened between him and Gabi. He tells her he stalked Gabi but it was a huge mistake and he's getting help. Abby's glad to hear it. He lays it on thick, calling her his role model because she's all about honesty and integrity. Abby gets nervous and tells him she's made plenty of mistakes. He talks about his lead on a job and staying in Salem. He hopes they can spend more time together.

At the Horton house, JJ tells Rory he doesn't need the marijuana to relax. They leave the room when Kayla arrives. She asks what he's doing with Theresa. JJ wants nothing to do with her. He brings up Jack raping her and asks how she forgave his dad. Kay wonders why he's asking this now. He says if he screws up once more, his mom will never forgive him. He worries about going to court tomorrow without Justin.

At Daniel's, Theresa refuses a drink from Brady. "More for me," he says and drinks to train wrecks. Theresa wipes her prints from the glass and Brady chuckles. He offers to tell her all about Daniel. They agree Daniel's attracted to her - it's obvious since they slept together, but he's not ready for anything because he's still hooked on Jennifer. Theresa doesn't correct him but accidentally spills his drink on his watch. He shrugs. He has another one just like it. Theresa hates how cavalier he is with money. She stomps out and gazes at the check.

Later, back at JJ's, Rory and Bev come out of hiding once Kay leaves. Theresa's at the store!

Jennifer learns from Maxine at the hospital that Daniel's out of town. She's worried but won't contact him to see if he's okay. Maxine reminds her she can't have it both ways.

Daniel and Nicole watch Dr. Chyka's cabin. Daniel considers calling the police. He's worried for Nicole. Inside Chyka packs money, his passport, and takes a call. He learns his flight's been delayed due to inclement weather. Outside, Daniel gets Nicole to be his look-out while he gets a closer look at Chyka. He snaps a branch outside the cabin and Chyka asks who is there.

Abby stops by the club for coffee. Tad overhears her calling EJ so she makes sure the call sounds like a PR request. Tad tells her EJ's working out and she gets an idea and leaves. Jenn arrives and takes a call about JJ's case before settling into a table with Brady. She notices he's drinking. He tells her about falling off the wagon. She worries but he's fine.

At the DiMera club, EJ changes and flashes to his earlier conversation with Sami. He slams the door to the gym.

Theresa heads into the hospital store for "supplies." A guy stocking shelves hits on her and secretly texts Rory. She offers up the check to the cashier. He needs two pieces of identification but she only has the one fake ID. He leaves the room so Theresa gets the other guy to give her gift cards. JJ waltzes in, catching her in the act.

Nick runs into Sami outside the Brady's Pub. She doesn't want to talk to him and doesn't believe what he's been shovelling to Gabi. She asks to put their cards on the table but he claims not to know what she's talking about. He breaks out into laughter and Sami recaps his misdeeds. He declares he's changed.

Back at the gym, EJ gets naked and heads to the shower as Abigail walks in. He tells her to shut the door. She does and lets him know about her conversation with Nick. He tells her she's a good person. Abby doesn't think Sami or her mother would think so. EJ tells her she shouldn't be there but nobody saw her. They start making out and off come the clothes. They get into the shower and kiss as Sami arrives outside.

Brady returns to Daniel's apartment and guzzles the liquor.

Jenn arrives home to an empty house and calls out for JJ.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

EJ tries to conceal his affair.

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