JJ wakes up at home after a nightmare about Theresa telling him he's going to jail. Rory and Bev arrive and think things are going their way with Theresa.

From the hospital, Theresa calls a bank and grins. They have no security cams. She is about to go cash the check when Anne stops her and complains about Jennifer. She gets a call and goes. Theresa sneaks out. By the hub, EJ watches as Abigail tells Adrienne to stop spying on her and EJ. If she has a problem with her friends, she should talk to her, not Jennifer. EJ follows Abby into an office. He overheard her conversation and thanks her for defending him. They agree Adrienne's a gossip. He hopes Adrienne doesn't latch on to the idea that Abby cares about him. He doesn't want Adrienne to go to Jennifer. He calls Abby vulnerable but if this is over, she assures him she can handle it. He asks, "If?"

From the Kiriakis mansion, Brady pockets Daniel's apartment key. He feels persecuted and tells Maggie and Victor he's not addicted to alcohol and isn't sure he can live there anymore. Victor suggests he move into the corporate suites for now. Brady likes the idea and goes up to pack. Victor remarks that it'll be easy to watch him there. Maggie doesn't look convinced. Brady returns with a bag and Maggie weeps gently while they hug. He assures her he'll be fine and then goes to Daniel's.

At the Brady's Pub, Nick threatens to take his million dollar ideas somewhere else. He tells Kate he has an assistant. It's Percy, the birdwatcher. Nick acts surprised they know each other. Kate takes Nick aside and asks what game he's playing. Nick says Percy's been a real "lifesaver." She'd be surprised by what he knows! Kate flashes to dragging Nick's body around and meeting Percy. She tells him she needs time to think.

Back at the Horton house, Adrienne arrives. She meets Bev and Rory and remembers them from the night with the pot doughnuts. They go into the kitchen and Adrienne sniffs. She tells him Justin can't be there for his hearing. He can postpone or get another lawyer. JJ's distraught but decides to ask for a continuance. Adrienne's sure that'll be fine. Bev and Rory return from the kitchen. Rory's eating ice cream. JJ tells them this scheme with Theresa has got to work. Bev says they just have to wait it out while Rory offers some dope to relax him. "Just one hit," Rory says.

At Sonny's, he tells Gabi that Will went to set Nick straight. She worries it'll look like she sent Will to do her dirty work. She goes and Abby arrives with a christening gift. She brings up how weird Nick's been acting and questions Sonny. He says he knows nothing and deflects. He asks what the deal is with her and the guy she's seeing. She turns red and says there is nobody.

Brady arrives at Daniel's empty place and pours himself a drink. Theresa arrives. He tells her Daniel's out of town, maybe taking time away from her. She rolls her eyes. He thanks her for helping him home when he was drunk and shares that Maggie's no longer his sponsor. He's escaping judgement from everyone at Daniel's. She smirks. She gets it. He tempts her to stick around a while with some booze. She licks her lips but refuses it. Brady talks her into it.

Gabi sees Nick at the Horton Square and texts EJ.

Nick arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to see Maggie but Victor snidely tells him she's not there. He asks why he's back in Salem and makes cutting remarks. Maggie walks in and hugs Nick. She asks what he's going to be doing now that he's back. He tells her about his meeting with Kate. He feels good about it. Victor can't imagine she does. Nick says he's moving back into his old apartment.

Gabi meets EJ at the DiMera mansion. Kate turns up and tells them Nick knows everything. She updates them on meeting Nick and Percy - "Mr. Greetings," at the pub and the little innuendos Nick made. EJ thinks things have changed now that Nick has a witness. EJ suggests they play along until either Nick shows his hand or they tire of the play.

Nick and Percy bird watch at the park. Percy's seen a lot of 'strange birds' lately. He says he's looking forward to working together.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Theresa falls for the trap JJ set up.

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