At the park, Sami tells Kate she needs her to keep an eye on Gabi and the boys while she's out of town and to keep them from talking. Kate asks if EJ knows she's going, because now that he knows about Nick, he's calling the shots. She predicts EJ will set a wedding date. Sami sniffs that EJ won't blackmail her. Kate muses it's exactly how she ended up married to Stefano. Sami is aggravated. Kate agrees to watch out for Gabi and the boys, but thinks Sami's not going anywhere.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ's man gives him a packet containing the evidence they found. Stefano appears immediately afterward and alludes to EJ and Sami having relationship issues. EJ tells Stefano it's not his business. Stefano muses that there must be a way to make her see how foolish she's being; some leverage. EJ says he won't blackmail Samantha into marrying him. He gets a call about the jet and tells the person his fiancee is not authorized to take it anywhere. Stefano muses, "It's a start." Later, Sami tells EJ she has to go to the agency in Chicago. He wonders why she didn't mention it to him. EJ holds the evidence up and says it's the proof she was involved in Nick's murder. He complains they were very sloppy. She wants to destroy the evidence. He says they could do that... She tells him she has to go. He tells her the jet isn't going anywhere. Sami gets angry and they start arguing about trust. He's unhappy about her using him to 'sweep up' while she's keeping him at bay. She tries to placate him, but he snaps, "Do you want to marry me, or not?" She tries to defer the conversation, but he says she's not going anywhere.

At home, Sonny has a nightmare that Nick appears and tells Will he's been hiding something from him for over a year - something to do with the mother of his child. Sonny gets up and calls for Will. He panics, grabs a jacket and leaves.

Will is standing by the river when the man who saw Kate, Sami, and Gabi that night appears. He talks about seeing odd things there and uses the term 'lethal'. Will questions him. Sonny appears. The man remembers him. Sonny reminds Will he was the Santa at the square. The man says they were with the women from the river - he'll take their secret to his grave. After, Will tells Sonny, "He knows." Sonny disagrees. Will talks about whether Nick deserved to die and worries about what's next. Sonny says EJ will make sure everyone is safe.

At Club TBD, Lucas runs into Jordan and tells her he's heard a lot about her. He tells her who he is. She says she's not Rafe's PT anymore. Abby joins them and invites Jordan to get together sometime. Later, Kate greets Lucas, who tells her he met Jordan. "She is beautiful." He wonders if Kate's man dug up any dirt on her. Kate mentions information coming in today from Birmingham. Lucas sneers that it's the same place Jordan's from - what a coincidence. Kate says if it turns out she's just private, she'll back off. Lucas doesn't think she'll let Jordan and Rafe walk into the sunset. He thinks Kate will drive Jordan away so she can pick up the pieces. Kate says it's not about her, it's about Jordan or whoever she is.

Gabi stops by Rafe's house. He startles her by saying Nick was just there - he's joking about Pete the therapist. He talks about being on his feet again soon and they discuss Jordan. Rafe says she's opening up but he wishes he knew why she's so guarded. They compare notes on New Year's. Gabi flashes to Will in the closet. Later, Rafe walks gingerly across his kitchen in a towel. He falls near the sofa as Jordan arrives. She grins as he tries to look casual. She helps him onto the sofa and talks to him about having the sense to listen to his body. Rafe grins that he doesn't like to take anything slow and kisses her. She gets up and says she's calling Pete to help him get dressed. He manages to get up and stop her. He says he's listening to his body and pulls her into a kiss.

Gabi and Abigail meet at the Brady Pub and briefly discuss Jordan being nice before Gabi asks Abby to be Arianna's godmother. She agrees happily. Abby starts talking about Nick not returning her texts. Gabi flashes to the river and says she doesn't expect to hear from him again. Suddenly Abby gets a text. She says it's from Nick and everything's going swimmingly. Gabi drops her glass.

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Eric struggles with his growing feelings for Nicole.

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