In Father Eric's hospital room, he comments that it didn't take long for Nicole and Daniel to get together. He appears upset and when Daniel turns up he doesn't answer Daniel's medical questions. Daniel's paged and goes. Nicole calls it awkward. Eric questions her and she says their old feelings resurfaced when they both needed a friend. Eric's worried for her. Nicole is quick to say they're keeping it quiet and not to bring it up to Dan. She insists she's not attracted to Eric anymore. She's there as a friend. Daniel returns and ushers her out so he can examine his patient and she stands outside, eavesdropping. Daniel checks Eric's lungs and says he's free to go in a few hours. They should be able to identify the masking agent in a few days. Eric brings up him and Nicole. He says it's uncomfortable and before Daniel can answer, Nicole bursts in. She thinks they should discuss things further at the apartment since Parker's at Chloe's for the holidays. Daniel is puzzled and drags her out of the room. What was that about? She comes clean about her lie that they're a couple and the reason. He's not happy. "How many times does a lie have to blow up in your face?" he asks. He goes to tell Eric the truth but the priest is asleep.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami asks Harold to be on the lookout for the mate to her diamond earring. She receives Will's text to meet but EJ interrupts to point out she's been ignoring her duties at work. It's out of character. She wraps a present and says she's delegating work and focusing on the big picture like he wanted. He scoffs. She thinks this is a conversation about sex. He laughs and tells her he'll keep quiet if she lets him back in her bed. They get close to kissing but she pulls away. He reminds her she's sleeping in his bed. He can tell something else is wrong and asks her to open up. She asks him to tell her the truth about Kristen. They're at an impasse so she goes.

Sonny heads into the Brady's Pub and sees Hope. He flashes to overhearing that Nick was murdered and looks distant so Hope asks if she can help. They discuss the kids and Hope admits she thought Bo would be home months ago. It's complicated. At another table, Ciara tells Allie a secret. She shows her Sami's diamond earring. Sami arrives and Sonny runs off before they can really engage causing Sami to ask Hope if he's okay. Hope doesn't think there's anything to worry about and leaves with Ciara.

Abby stops by Will's and snuggles with Arianna while they catch up. Abby brings up Nick. Do they ever talk? Will says no and takes his share of responsibility for what happened when Nick blackmailed him. He's a different person now. Sami and Allie arrive. "Allie-cat!" Will exclaims. Sami asks if he has seen the mate to her earring. He hasn't but Allie says Ciara has one... "But it's a secret." She grimaces and Sami agrees not to tell Ciara she told her. Will tells Sami he knows all about his surprise party, making Sami furrow her brow. He'd rather she didn't so she agrees not to. Will admits Sonny was in the closet the whole time when they were planning things. Sami goes white.

Gabi goes into Rafe's new apartment with a potted plant and hallucinates Nick's there. She drops the plant and gasps but it's just Pete Clark, Rafe's new physiotherapist. He just looks similar to Nick. Pete goes and Rafe realizes Gabi thought Pete was Nick. "The resemblance is uncanny." He assures her Nick's never returning. Hope and Ciara arrive with work for Rafe. He's happy he's becoming useful again. Gabi hopes Ciara can visit soon and says goodbye and Merry Christmas to all before leaving. Ciara tells them about a girl she knows who can skate backwards and that she can't. Rafe offers to help which cheers her up. He shows her some strengthening exercises which will help.

EJ finds Abigail reading The Adoration of The Magi by Raphael at Club TBD. She didn't want him to think she bought it because of him. He assumes she did because of her father. She was trying to read into Jack's reason for giving her Raphael's wing and isn't sure she can live up to Jack's expectations. EJ thinks he'd be proud of her.

Gabi runs into Sonny at the Horton Square. It's uncomfortable. She guesses that he knows about Nick.

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