At the river, Kate eats candy while Sami demands Gabi be tough and save the tears until tomorrow. They need help dumping the body in the river. They make an attempt but Nick wakes up! He grabs Sami and there's a struggle. He begs them for help but they let go and he gets caught up in the water and goes under. A minute passes and Sami assumes he's dead. Gabi gets frantic and screams that he could have been okay. They're murderers! She watches the water and whimpers. They need to do something. Kate reminds her that Nick attacked her. "He brought this on himself." They need to get rid of Nick's bag. A leather tag that reads 'NF' is left behind when Sami picks it up and they weigh the bag down with rocks before throwing it in the river. Kate and Sami say they need to forget this but Gabi will never forget. Sami calls it justice, and they drag Gabi off.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady receives a tip from someone who claims to know where Kristen is. They agree to meet.

At the Brady's Pub, Eric realizes Nicole set him up to record his story. She argues that it's for both their benefits but he doesn't want people to know. He finds this beneath her and goes.

Hope drops by the DiMera mansion and hands EJ a search warrant. He purses his lips and glares at the cops who pass him on their way in. Hope introduces Sergeant Jenson and insults EJ before leaving. Eric arrives to see Sami but EJ doesn't know where she is. Eric asks if he knew about the video before it was played. How much did he know about Kristen's plan? EJ says he'd have to plead the fifth if asked in a court of law. Eric imagines he could have stopped this from happening. "How do you sleep at night?" EJ sleeps well. Eric doesn't think that'll last. EJ smirks that he's like Marlena, delving into his psyche. Eric tells him things between him and Sami won't last. EJ sends him away.

At home, Sonny and Will make amends. Sonny says he ran into Sami who knows about New York. Will is surprised she's not there and hopes she hasn't done something crazy again. Lucas arrives and Will fills his dad in on Gabi's modelling contract and the move to New York. Lucas doesn't seem happy but agrees to try to sell Sami on it. Sonny says New York needs a Club TBD. Lucas goes and the guys wonder where Gabi is.

Someone watches Brady in the park. Some dude comes out. He hands Brady an address and says the girl he saw looks like Kristen but is in rough shape. Brady pays the man off while Hope watches. The man goes and Hope shows herself. She uses her cop voice and demands he tell her what's up. He admits he got a tip about Kristen. She calls for back-up and they run to the address which is in the Salem slums. Sami, Gabi, and Kate arrive. Gabi sobs while the others try to control the situation. Gabi goes home and Kate and Sami worry she won't be able to handle Will and Sonny when they start asking questions. They try to decide if they should create a paper trail to make it look like Nick's in New York. Sami needs to hear why they're doing this. Kate reminds her it's for Will. They shake hands.

Nicole saunters into Club TBD and hands Victor a single malt scotch. He hasn't lost his touch as a bastard. She thanks him for showing that sex video at the wedding. It cleared her name. Victor's confused. She tells him Eric really was drugged and thought she was the one who did it. Now she hates Eric.

Hope and Brady arrive at some scummy apartment. Brady kicks in the door against Hope's wishes and they rush in. She identifies herself as police and everyone scatters. Brady sees a blonde who resembles Kristen. She calls Brady by name. Hope finds a newspaper with Brady's photo. "She's so wasted she thinks she's Kristen." She takes the woman away and Brady grabs the drugs on the table and goes.

Sami arrives home as the cops are leaving. EJ fills her in on the search warrant and wonders where she has been. She's vague. He tells her Eric was by, "He was dressed up like one of us heathens." She grabs a drink and he notices she's wearing the earrings he gave her for Valentine's Day. "Be careful. I might take that as a good sign," he teases before going upstairs. Sami freaks. One earring is missing!

Gabi arrives home and flashes to her crazy night. She tells Sonny and Will she can't move to New York. They cheer and Will hugs her.

Eric goes into the Brady's Pub.

From the Horton Square, Kate texts Hope with Nick's cell, telling her he's in Manhattan.

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