Nick begs Gabi to tell him she loves him as he attacks her in the woods. She yells for him to stop and smashes his head with a rock. He's unconscious and she gets up panting. Kate walks up. "OMG Gabi. Is he dead?" Gabi sobs uncontrollably but Kate assures her it'll be okay. Sami arrives and gets a load of the scene. She checks Nick's pulse. He's dead. "OMG what am I going to do?" Gabi rails. "I'd say twenty to life," Sami snaps. Kate tells her not to call the cops. Sami has no reception anyway. Kate grabs her before she can run off and tells her about the very public fight at the square that everyone heard and says all this started when Gabi told Nick she wasn't taking the job in New York because of Sami's offer. Gabi sobs over Nick's dead body as Sami flashes to Nick's past blackmail dealings and guesses Nick got what he deserved. Kate orders Gabi to put the bloody rock in Nick's bag as she and Sami haul Nick's body to the river. Sami complains that she chipped a nail on the way. Gabi hears a noise and they hide the body as some man wanders by with binoculars. He's owl watching. Sami says, "That's funny. I wish I knew where I could find one." She looks behind her as Kate steps on her foot. Sami makes up some story about looking for some species and the man leaves. They return to get Nick but his body's missing. They panic until Kate notices they're at the wrong clearing. She finds him nearby. They drag his body to the Salem River and take everything from his pockets including his cell phone. Gabi reluctantly covers their tracks as they drag him around. Kate forces Gabi to throw the rock in the river and Gabi yells that this isn't right. They remind her they'll all go to prison if they don't do this so she goes along with it. Kate munches on candies as Sami asks Gabi to be tough. She can cry tomorrow. They push Nick into the water and he wakes up and grabs Sami. Screaming ensues.

Caroline visits Victor at the Kiriakis mansion, spitting fire about how he hurt Eric by allowing the sex tape to be made public. He tries to defend himself as she crows about his cruelty. He realizes he has lost her. That may be true, she says and isn't sure how Maggie could bear to live with him. She realizes by his demeanor, Maggie left. "Good," she snipes.

Nicole's boss Miles meets with her at Club TBD to tell her that her first assignment is to interview Father Eric about his sex scandal. This will launch her comeback and bury the competition. She refuses to do a hatchet job on Eric but Miles only wants to allow Eric the chance to defend his reputation.

Marlena finds Eric in Horton Square, taking photos. He brushes her off until she tells him Roman's calling in favors to get a warrant for Kristen's personal papers which could assist in the search for the woman and confirm Eric's story. Eric is just trying to keep it together. He knows it'll take time before he's reinstated even if Kristen does return and tell the truth, but things will never be the same. Marlena says everyone gets tested and is sure he'll be fine. He feels he's being punished. Marlena is beside herself that he seems so lost.

Brady busts into the DiMera mansion and grabs EJ, demanding to know where Kristen is now, "Or I'll end you." Finally, Brady lets him go and Brady accuses EJ of knowing what Kristen did for months. EJ denies it. If he did, he'd be with her, comforting her and Sami would have left him by now. EJ tells Brady that his sister loved him. More than Brady loved her. He kicks Brady out.

Nicole finds Eric outside the Brady's Pub. They head inside and she pulls out a recording device and asks him to tell his story. Eric turns off the device and refuses to talk. He thought she had forgiven him and wanted to talk.

Brady walks into the Kiriakis mansion cursing EJ. He tells Victor about their argument. It's been a fun night for everyone, Victor says and leaves Brady alone with a drink. Brady stares at it. He takes a call from someone who claims to know where Kristen is.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Brady tries to find Kristen.

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