Father Eric seeks answers from God at St. Luke's. He prays and flashes to being raped but is certain Nicole would never do that to him. In the rectory office, Brady drops by with his vows. Nicole offers to give them to Eric but he doesn't trust her. She tells him he's so stupid he deserves what's coming to him. They rehash the Kristen argument and he follows her outside the church. He blurts out that she's in love with his brother. She admits it, loud enough for Eric to hear. She cries that she dreams of him and is miserable when she's not at his side. Brady reminds her she'll never be with him. This doesn't change the way she feels. She fought it so hard and tried to stay away from him but started making mistakes and doing crazy stuff. She lost control. That's why she quit. She sobs that she's so confused she doesn't recognize herself anymore. Neither does Brady. Nic smacks his arm and tells him to go to hell. He calls her a bitch and goes. Nicole takes the flowers into the church and comes face to face with Father Eric who heard everything. She's mortified and asks him to forget it. He forces her to say it to him so she does. She didn't think she was capable of doing some of the things she did and sobs that he must now see why she needs to leave. His face is bitter and when she asks for forgiveness, he doesn't think even God could do that. Nicole's baffled. It's not a sin to love. Father Eric calls what she did vile. "What do you think I did?" she asks. "You raped me!"

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen tells EJ her wedding date has been moved up but her fertility specialist confirmed she can never have kids. She fights tears and EJ consoles her. She has a lot to be grateful for and refuses to wallow. He opens up about his problems with Sami and they discuss that they owe Daniel a debt for saving Chad's life. Kristen wants EJ to stand up for her and for Sami to stand up for Brady at their wedding. EJ's in. Later, Brady arrives and tells Kristen that Nicole accused her of cheating on him.

At the Horton Square, Bev and Rory stop Abigail to inquire if she has seen JJ. She tells them to stay away from him. It's their fault he's in this mess. They confess about how worried they are about him but she brushes them off.

Jennifer loses her voice at home while telling JJ if he walks out that door, she never wants to see him again. They argue and he lashes out about her keeping the truth about Jack being a rapist and then pulls out some weed and a pipe. This is what he came for. The sooner he smokes it the better. She thinks he's out of his mind but he says he's off to do community service, which is more fun when baked. He may even go see Theresa. If she wants to turn him in, she can. When she can't do it, he tells her she can't do anything. Abigail walks in and starts in on him. He tells her his family's dead to him before stomping out. Jennifer decides some tough love is in order. She's calling the police on him now before he starts mainlining drugs or commits a crime that cannot be forgiven. Abigail cries and asks her not to. She says JJ's friends are also worried about him. Jenn says it's all part of his being determined to self-destruct. Abigail threatens never to speak to her again if she calls the cops on JJ.

Daniel goes to Theresa's apartment. She starts flirting but he's there to ask her to stay away from JJ. She'll do it if there's something better waiting for her. She asks, "Is there?" Daniel tells her he's not the least bit interested. She thinks he's playing hard to get. He calls her deluded and leaves. She tears up a little and calls JJ and seductively begs him to come over. When he arrives, she makes a play for him.

Daniel arrives at University hospital to confront Anne about hiring Theresa just to stick it to Jenn. Anne notices the nurses eavesdropping and twists his words to make it look as though Daniel and Theresa had a nasty end to their "fling." Daniel calls her a sad, lonely woman and he wants Theresa fired. As they argue, EJ walks up and overhears.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nicole's devastated by Eric's accusation.

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