Sami arrives home and blows up when she finds Stefano replacing her portrait with his. He grins, she yells, and he tells her to calm down. It suddenly dawns on her that EJ already knows Stefano's there. In the foyer, Harold overhears and furiously texts someone.

EJ eats Rafe's grapes at University Hospital while taunting his nemesis about being helpless. Rafe pities EJ. "You're still so threatened by what I had with Samantha, you can't even enjoy spending time with her." EJ didn't go there to harass him. He wants Rafe to know he and Samanther are to be married soon. He taunts Rafe about dating one of his father's rejects and Rafe wonders if they'll make it through the wedding this time without Sami putting another hole in EJ's head. EJ calls Rafe a thorn in his side and wishes Sami wasn't in his room when Bernardi came to put Rafe's "junk in a box." Rafe grabs EJ by his tie and gives it a yank.

Justin and Adrienne meet at the club when Marge causes a scene, bellowing about them cooking up a scheme to make her husband look bad. She had to send Tiny Tim to his grandparents until this blows over and she blames them.

At the rectory, Nicole tells Father Eric she's leaving and taking a new job. He likes working with her. She thinks she'll be happier working elsewhere but Father Eric looks forward to working with her every morning. She almost confesses her feelings for him but instead lies that she's leaving because of Kristen and Brady. He doesn't know what he'll do without her. Some kid interrupts and the priest leaves the room. Father Matt turns up and Nicole tells him she's leaving. He's sad to hear. They say goodbye and Nicole starts crying. She'll miss being there. Father Eric returns and asks her to sleep on it before making a decision. She agrees to it but will take the day off. He wonders if she's leaving because of what happened the night in the capital. She's not.

Marlena meets Victor at his place. She holds the flash drive and complains that she can't download the information from Kristen's phone. She hands it over. She needs to be there for Eric. Victor argues that Eric's a priest who can talk directly to God about whatever it is. Marlena says, "Wow. Wow. Wow." Victor doesn't think Eric needs his 'mommy' and they need to stop 'this travesty of a wedding'. He implores her to hang on to the flash drive. It still may come in handy.

In the park, Kristen's video editor would like to destroy the flash drive but that's not hers. It's a micro USB. Kristen goes into shock upon realizing Marlena must have it. She runs off.

Back at the hospital, EJ pulls away and compliments Rafe on his strength. He receives Harold's text and runs for it while Marge spots him and yells after him. She goes to Rafe and accuses him of backstabbing Joe and lying on the stand. She slaps him hard across the face and Jordan rushes in to the rescue. She threatens to call security but Rafe won't let her. Marge has been through enough. She leaves, sadly. Meanwhile, Marlena finds Kristen in her office. Kristen wants them to plan an engagement party for her brother and Sami. Marlena's surprised. She has to leave for a moment when a call comes in. Kristen stays behind and sees the flash drive beside Marlena's purse but before she can get it, Marlena returns.

Justin and Adrienne walk through the park. She apologizes for not bringing the attack video to him first. Justin knows she was worried about his association with Sami and EJ and says she was right about them. They mislead him at every turn. He says he did understand why EJ broke rules though. He'd have done the same in his shoes. Justin says the coffee 'sucks' at the club. He wants to move back in with her. She makes better coffee. She starts to cry and they agree to start fresh.

Back at the mansion, Sami tries to wrap her head around what EJ did. EJ walks in and tells her he was going to explain everything tonight. EJ tells her he had no choice but to make a deal with Stefano. He gave him everything. Sami suggests they move but they can't!

Marlena meets Victor at the pub and excitedly talks about having another chance to get to Kristen.

Kristen meets with her video editor in the park again and whines about the flash drive. The woman tells her to get the real one from the person who has it.

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