At the pub, Chad flashes to EJ blackmailing him to get him to move into the mansion. He tells Abigail he's moving in to support the family. Abby's surprised he's forgiving his father. He covers and says at least it won't be boring. He hands over a gift - it's an early copy of Jack's memoirs, The Forgotten Hostage. This moves her to tears. They take off to his place.

At the park, Sonny tells Arianna never to wear a dirndl. Even the most beautiful girl would look dowdy in one. Cameron comes upon him and checks out the photos. The girls have "such... huge... huge smiles." Sonny's having an Oktoberfest celebration at the club. Cameron provides a slogan: "Hans dry get drunken." Sonny plays matchmaker and asks him to invite Gabi.

Will enters the apartment to find Nick kissing Gabi. He blows up and Nick tells him he's out of line. Will starts screaming about Gabi hooking up with "a disgusting human being" like Nick. More arguing ensues and Gabi gets between them. Will refuses to allow Gabi to see Nick. Nick lashes out that Sonny knows all about them dating but Gabi says this isn't what Will thinks. She wants to talk to him about this but when he's calmer. Pissed, he leaves, and Gabi yells at Nick for making this a turf war and acting as though he was bragging in a locker room. She orders him out and later mumbles about moving on without him.

Brady finds Nicole alone at the rectory. He encourages her to move on from his brother. She thinks he needs her but Brady knows better. Nicole didn't realize Eric was doing pre-cana with Brady and Kristen and angry, she leaves.

In what looks identical to Hope's office, Father Eric's once again hypnotized but this time by Dr. Sanchez. He doesn't recall anything new and questions whether or not what he has recalled is real.

Kristen fingers her thumb drive at home. EJ interrupts. Is she hiding something? She is and it has to do with getting back with Brady. EJ scoffs that it's not hard to pull the wool over Brady's eyes. Kristen resents what he's implying. She notices EJ's gloomy and assumes it's because of "Fatha." With all that has happened, she assumes Stefano's got him under his thumb. She feels bad having been there.

Chad and Abigail arrive at his place and he shows her early reviews of Jack's book. They're all great. She's touched. Chad read the book and it was amazing. They make love. Abby receives a text and leaves for work. Later, Chad wonders how long he can keep up this brain tumor charade.

Nicole meets Miles Malloy at the club. She tells him where she's working and he slaps the table in laughter. He admits he lost his star reporter and needs someone with sparkle and class to replace her. He wants Nicole to work for him. She doesn't think she has sparkled in a long time. Miles hands her a business card and asks her to think about it. He leaves and EJ turns up. He saw Miles leave. Is he courting her to work for him? He teases her about leaving the priest and cautions that celibacy is looming. "Celibacy never says we're out of milk," Nicole deadpans. EJ observes she has stopped being herself.

Father Eric, Kristen, and Brady start pre-cana at the rectory office. Eric asks why Kristen loves Brady. She's surprised and takes her time before saying she likes that he leans in when he's listening, how he makes her feel special, and how he defends Nicole because she's his friend, or the way he wants her to go to this cockamamie counseling. She immediately apologizes for the last bit but admits she thinks about him now, not just herself. Brady credits Kristen for waking him up. He was a zombie. Eric asks if he has forgiven and forgotten that Kristen preyed upon him. Brady admits it still hurts and suddenly, Eric has visions of what happened in the capital and in bed. He jumps up and stares at Kristen in shock.

Will finds Sonny at the park and chews him out for lying to him. Sonny was trying to protect Will and says he has no idea what he has had to put up with for Will.

Abby bumps into Cameron at the hospital. It's tense but he gives his blessing to her and Chad. She toddles off to Jenn's office and returns later, surprised to see Gabi with Cameron.

Outside the pub, Nick looks at glamor shots of Gabi. He wants to move away with her from judging Salemites.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Will and Sonny’s fight is interrupted by a surprising person.

Gabi has advice for an unlikely person.

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