At Jenn's, Theresa offers to get JJ to return home if Jenn gives her job back. Jenn says no. Theresa says Jenn's just like her parents and goes. Later, Kayla arrives. Jenn wants to press charges against Theresa. Kayla almost falls off the sofa in shock. Jenn fills her in on what happened and considers firing her was enough.

JJ, Rory, and Bev look through Daniel's DVD collection and raid his fridge for booze. JJ refuses to let Rory steal Parker's game so instead, they get high. They turn off the tunes and debate playing rap.

Chloe shows up at Daniel's hotel room. She and Parker hug and she thanks Daniel for this new beginning, especially after what she did to him and Jenn. Her therapy's going well. She now knows there's a time to let go when in love. She asks about Jenn. He changes the subject and Parker wants to play Candy Land. Chloe assumes he plays with Jennifer but Daniel ignores her comment and tickles Parker. They play and Chloe offers to drive Parker back tomorrow afternoon so Daniel can get home.

Victor rushes Abigail at the square and lets her know her mother's making a big mistake where Daniel is concerned. Nicole interrupts. Abby doesn't have to listen to this, but Abigail agrees with Victor. She'll try to talk to Daniel now. She heads to his apartment and Nicole badgers Victor for interfering. He thinks she wants another shot at Daniel. She snaps. "Would you just delete that from your file?" She just wants Daniel to be happy with the woman he was destined to love. Jennifer. Victor sees she's still the same pathetic romantic... Nicole reminds him he found Maggie. She could find her true love.

From the rectory, Marlena's got Father Eric hypnotized. He sees the woman he was with in the hotel room as a blonde and claims he knows her. He becomes distressed and comes to. Marlena tells him what he said and thinks it's possible the woman poisoned him. He doesn't want to discuss it further and raises his voice to her. "Eric, what are you hiding?" Marlena presses. He thinks what he recalled was fake and says goodbye to Marlena when Father Matt walks in. Eric says what he remembered under hypnosis was too bizarre to be true. In her room, Nicole fantasizes Eric loves her. She looks at a photo he gave her and knows she'll only ever have his gratitude.

Kristen stops making out with Brady at their hotel room after having a terrible premonition. She feels like someone is walking on her grave. Brady comforts her but she's scared. Brady leaves and Kristen holds her flash drive and remembers defrocking the priest.

Abby arrives on Daniel's doorstep. She calls out to him and everyone inside scrambles. She starts airing his dirty laundry in the hall until a neighbor tells her he's gone away overnight. That's funny. She heard voices... she wanders off and JJ sighs in relief.

Marlena hands over the spyware to Victor at the mansion. She can't get her hands on Kristen's phone and she's been too worried about Kristen and Sami she forgot about her son. She needs to focus her attentions on Eric. Brady walks in on them arguing. Marlena takes off and Brady asks what's going on. Victor tells him to make sure he can be happy with the most extreme version of Kristen.

Abby arrives home. Jenn asks her to call JJ to make sure he has a place to stay since it's so cold outside. She calls. He ignores and they bash Theresa. Abby offers to help file for her. "We're all we've got," she says. They watch a movie and hear a noise outside the house. They run to the door, thinking it's JJ. It's just the wind. Jennifer cries with worry.

JJ ignores a call from Abby on his cell. Rory thinks she knows they're at Daniel's. JJ furrows his brow. She doesn't. She called his cell, not Daniel's phone! Rory starts laughing. They spark up a joint and JJ smashes a photo of Dan and Jenn he found in a drawer.

Theresa goes to Caroline at the pub for support. The lecture begins. Caroline knows what mistakes she has made. She made some herself but she changed. If Theresa does, the Brady will all be on her side.

Kristen arrives at the rectory to confirm tomorrow's pre-cana. They agree on a time and she notices he's upset. He claims he's tired so she goes.

Theresa walks through the square and curses the town and Jenn. Nearby, Marlena holds the spyware and thinks of Eric.

Kristen returns to the hotel room and considers destroying the flash drive.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Daniel returns home... will he notice someone's been in his apartment?

In desperation, Theresa turns to JJ.

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