Brady arrives at Daniel's. He's packing to take Parker to see Chloe. Brady wishes he'd delay his trip because Jennifer needs him. Daniel asks him to keep an eye on Jenn for him while he's gone. He's at least glad to hear things with Brady and Kristen are going well. Brady leaves and Dan calls Chloe to tell her they're on the way.

After being fired in Jenn's office, Theresa begs for another chance. She tries to explain the money she stole was for office supplies but Jenn holds her head and tells her to get out. Theresa can't go back to L.A. and worries her family will turn on her. Jenn has given her too many chances as it is. She holds her partially responsible for what JJ has become. Theresa promises to stay away from him but Jenn stands her ground. She's done. Theresa's a manipulating, lying, thief. She points at the door and Theresa starts whining and blames Jenn before she goes. She heads straight to Kayla and tells her Jenn fired her. Likely because she's younger... Kayla snorts. She doubts that. Theresa asks for another job. Kayla's not sure there is one for her and when asked, refuses to tell her parents on her behalf. Later, Theresa packs her things back in Jenn's office and comes up with an idea...

JJ sees Bev and Rory hanging out at the park. Do they want to party? They remind him he's homeless but tonight, "I'm going to be living so large," he says. He invites him to Daniel's to party all night. They run home to get the key.

At the pub, Father Eric flashes back to having sex with the mystery woman (Kristen) and tells Marlena about his trip with Daniel to the capital and that Daniel thinks he was poisoned. She begs him to tell her about the images he sees but he can't. She offers to hypnotize him but it'd be too uncomfortable. She reminds him he's a priest. What could be so bad? He doesn't say so she makes a call to another therapist.

Nicole and Victor are discussing his lack of trust for her at the club when Kristen arrives. She goes to them and asks point blank why they'd be meeting when they hate each other. Nicole puts on a show and tells Victor to keep his wife on a leash. She doesn't need AA. Kristen asks around for Chad and since he's not there she leaves. Meanwhile, Nicole thinks she has proved she's a good partner but Victor's not interested and walks out. Kristen spots him on the way out. She badgers him about meeting with Nicole. He ignores her and meanders away. She follows. Brady shows up and sees the drink in front of Nicole. She groans, then thanks him for siccing Maggie on her. Brady gets on her case about drinking. She asks him to stop throwing Eric in her face. "You are turning into Maggie." Once he's gone, she orders a double espresso and goes over work emails.

JJ finds Daniel's key in Jennifer's desk at home and everyone heads out, bumping into Jenn on her way home. She asks Bev and Rory to step outside and JJ tells her he was picking up a jacket. She checks the pockets and finds them empty. She's worried about where he'll stay but he comments that she should have thought of that before she asked their family not to take him in. Jenn loves him but asks for the key. He hands it over and goes while she cries. Theresa drops by and offers to help get her son back.

Kristen follows Victor to the square and badgers him until he finally tells her he and Nicole were conspiring about Obama's birth certificate. They're going to Kenya to investigate. Kristen rolls her eyes and advises him not to let Nicole get in between her and Brady or she'll get Brady to disown him. Victor isn't threatened by her. Brady turns up and his grandfather leaves. Brady says he booked a hotel for them tonight.

Marlena, Father Eric, and Dr. Hottman arrive at the rectory. Marlena steps outside and Hottman is unable to hypnotize Eric. Eric's resistant but allows Marlena to put him under. Once under, he is unable to see the face of the woman in the room with him so Marlena asks him to describe her.

Daniel and Parker run into Nicole at the square. She's been looking through the backlog of work emails and saw an email from the clerk from the hotel in the capital. Daniel confirms they were there but can't discuss it further. He's leaving town.

Brady and Kristen make love at Salem Inn but her mind is elsewhere. Suddenly, she stops.

JJ, Rory and Bev party it up at Daniel's place.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Brady is suspicious of Victor and Marlena.

JJ and his friends party at Daniel’s.

Daniel and Parker visit Chloe.

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