In his bed, Eric has another disturbing, lingerie filled nightmare of his night with Kristen. Nicole bangs on the door and wakes him. He tells her to go away and then feels his throbbing head.

At their apartment, Sonny updates Will about jury selection. Will is eager to talk to EJ. They discuss Gabi and Sonny suggests that Will was too easy on her. He reminds him of everything Nick did. Will says that even bigots need motivation to change. His boyfriend offers to try to keep the peace.

At Mandalay, Gabi admits to Nick that Will had a problem with him holding the baby. She doesn't want to explain more and bustles off.

In the park, Kristen is gobsmacked as Brady whips out a ring and pops the question. She reminds him they were supposed to go slow and then kisses him passionately. The DiMera worries. He tells her how good she is. She's the woman he wants to be with. He drops on one knee and proposes again. She savors the moment. Eventually, she says yes as she sobs. He slips the ring on and they kiss. They decide to tell their families... starting with Eric.

Eric rushes into the rectory office. Nicole tries apologizing but asks him why he sounded so freaked out earlier. He asks her to let it go. A nun calls her away to fix a computer and tells the priest she can't find the keys to the van. As he looks for them, he finds a matchbook from the hotel he stayed at. He has another flashback. When Nicole returns, he asks her why they have the matches. She's not sure. They bicker about it until Brady interrupts. Excited, he tries to announce the engagement. "No, no, no, no, no!" Nicole yelps.

Nick follows Will into the pub. He wants to talk. Will hopes he gets help but admits he hated seeing him with the baby. Someone needs to let Nick redeem himself but it's not going to be him. Will can't forgive him for his manipulations and the danger he put the baby in.

At the apartment, Sonny apologizes to Gabi for being too hard on her about Nick. She assures him that things will work out. Listening to them puts the baby to sleep. When Sonny looks for a stuffed animal, he finds a used condom wrapper.

Marlena shows up at the mansion and tells Victor all about what she overheard Kristen say. She suggests that they try to pry it out of Jenn. The Kiriakis urges caution. The shrink is suddenly inspired, smirks and walks off.

Marlena calls Roman over to the club. She needs a favor. The doctor wants Kristen's phone records. The cop tells her that's not going to happen.

Kristen returns to Casa DiMera. She looks at an adoption pamphlet and thinks of Brady. Marlena arrives and barges in.

In the cells, Sami tells EJ about the deal she was offered. He guesses it involves handing him over to the cops. "It's not about you," she says, explaining he could just give up his father. He's not thrilled. "I don't know how you could be so naive and stupid," he yells, sure that the cops will never let him walk. They pace and scream at each other. She can't spend the rest of her life in prison. "I am in this cage all by myself!" she moans. Sami reaches out her hand and tells him how much she 'aches' for him. He takes her hand. She begs him to give up his father. "You can't give me up to the special prosecutor because you have nothing to give," he points out. She reminds him he kidnapped Sydney. He thinks that would come back on her too. She begs for something to hang on him. Elvis wonders how long she is willing to send him to prison for. She cries and insists this is the only option. He urges her to have faith in him. Melinda shows up with the paperwork for Sami's deal. Sami looks at the pictures of her kids on the wall. "Take your deal and shove it," Sami says. Melinda tells her she'll be sorry for this. Once the lawyer leaves, Sami tells EJ that she has a crazy idea. She suggests they plant evidence to make Bernardi look dirty. He tells her that would be too risky and promises once again to get her out of there.

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