At the Horton house, Daniel offers to leave. JJ tells Jennifer it's her call. Jenn elects to speak to Daniel. JJ snarks that he knows where he stands. Jenn sends him to the library. Daniel shows her Parker's birth certificate. He explains it's made him realize he's been unfair. He loves her enough to step away because of JJ. Jenn sniffles that JJ just needs more time to accept another man in her life. Daniel says they can't keep doing this - they need to live in reality. He says he loves her, and leaves.

At the hospital, Theresa chastises herself for too much online shopping. She's going to run through all that money she stole from Vargas. Roman shows up and gives her a warning about hanging out with a convicted felon. He reminds her she's not here to have fun. "Grow up, Theresa."

In the park, Abigail doubts Cameron when he says he doesn't have time for a relationship. Chad listens. Abigail says it doesn't matter, she wants to be with Chad and can't lead Cameron on anyway. Cameron says he's happy for her, but advises her to take things slow.

Nicole tells Brady, in the square, that Eric hasn't been himself. Brady's phone rings - it's John. Brady tells Nicole that his father will never accept him with Kristen. Nicole snarks that many hope Brady will see the light. Brady tells her Kristen is best for him. They hug. Once alone, Nicole seethes about Kristen being a snake.

Kristen appears in Eric's office as he's on the phone telling Father about the disturbing dreams. Kristen reminds him she's there for the scholarship interviews. He mentions his bad dreams. Later, Eric admits to Father that he feels uneasy around Kristen. Father asks about his dreams. Eric admits they involve sex. Father thinks his psyche is trying to cope with the death of his parishioner.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ's man informs him the money has been deposited in Timmy Bernardi's account. The police will assume his father was crooked. EJ asks if there is any way the money can be traced to him. The man says no, but the FBI might discover the money was deposited after Bernardi died. EJ curses. "What have I done?"

JJ runs into Theresa at the outdoor restaurant. They commiserate about family problems. Theresa suggests a trip, way up high. JJ takes her money and they plan to meet tomorrow.

In the cafe, EJ mentions an error in judgement to Chad; he may have made Samantha's situation worse. He laments that if she's hurt, he'll never forgive himself. Later, Chad becomes upset when Cameron checks in on him. He warns him to stick to his promise. Chad calls Abigail and arranges a date.

Nicole finds Roman in the pub and wants his help to prove Kristen is a diabolical skank. Roman doesn't think there's anything he can do. Brady will have to find out the truth on his own.

Brady surprises Kristen with a Hawaiian luau in the park. They kiss. Kristen spots a note in a bottle - it's a proposal. Brady holds up a ring.

Trask is at Sami's cell to make a deal. She tells Sami she'll do only 10 years if she gives her EJ. Sami scoffs. She offers to give her Stefano. Trask wonders how she'd do that. Sami admits she has nothing on Stefano, but offers up EJ again, holding out for a better deal. Trask comes back with possible parole after five years if EJ gives her Stefano. Sami wants it in writing plus immunity for Will. Sami adds if she can get her Stefano directly, she wants a maximum of five years. Later, EJ arrives. Sami says Trask offered her five years for enough information to put Stefano behind bars. EJ says she doesn't have anything on Stefano. Sami say he does - she may have to give him to Trask.

Theresa types at the hospital and muses that maybe it's not such a bad day after all.

At home, Daniel puts away a photo of him and Jennifer.

JJ comes home and Jennifer tells him Daniel's gone and not coming back.

Nicole knocks on Eric's bedroom door. He awakens from another sex dream.

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