In her cell, Sami tells EJ the jury selection happened so fast. Justin appears with word from their jury expert; she thinks there's an 80% chance Sami will be convicted. Sami is deflated. EJ insists they'll prove her dead wrong.

At the hospital, Abe asks Cameron what happened with him and Abigail. Cameron talks about looking at the big picture and trying to do what's right. Abe's confounded. Cameron misses having Lexi to talk to.

Abigail asks about her lost necklace at the cafe. Chad appears. He has the necklace and fixed it for her. She explains it was the last gift her dad gave her. They end up kissing. Cameron enters and leaves. Abigail makes a quick exit. Chad wonders what just happened.

At the rectory, Nicole tells Daniel that Eric's gone to bed. She fishes to find out if Jennifer's pregnant. Daniel says the pregnancy test was for a friend. Nicole apologizes. Daniel notes she's made a real turnaround since working there. He wonders if she's obsessing over a man. Nicole denies it. Daniel doesn't buy that she's satisfied with typing and filing. In bed, Eric awakens suddenly from a sex dream. He mutters to himself and goes back to sleep. It happens again. Eric prays. He joins Daniel and Nicole, who excuses herself. Daniel asks Eric what's wrong. Eric says he's tired. Daniel tells Eric he came to talk. He complains that it feels like JJ always wins. Daniel shows Eric the birth certificate and says Jennifer doesn't even know yet. Eric muses that it doesn't seem right. Daniel decides to find Jennifer, and advises Eric to take his own advice if something isn't feeling right.

Brady kisses Kristen at the Horton house. He explains that he heard her telling Jenn not to give up on Daniel. He thinks she believes in love and now knows he can trust her. Upstairs, Jennifer leaves JJ a message. She rejoins Brady and Kristen and offers them lunch. Brady says he has everything he needs, and leaves. Kristen hugs Jenn and offers advice. "Do you honestly think it's good for JJ to let him get away with keeping you and Daniel from being together?"

JJ hangs with his friends in the park and ignores a call from Jennifer. He flirts with the girl from school until Cole takes offense. Later, Nicole comes upon JJ and tells him she was wrong to keep Daniel and Jennifer apart and so is he. She says it's only a matter of time before his mother realizes what she knows - he's a selfish little brat who's not worth sacrificing her happiness for!

Abe visits Sami in jail and warns her he's been subpoenaed to testify against her, but he believes her version of events. Sami is relieved. Abe tells her it’s not the time to hold back anything that could help. After, Sami flashes to Trask asking her to give her EJ, who will give her Stefano. She tells the guard she wants to talk to the special prosecutor. Trask arrives. Sami confirms she requested to speak to her without her attorney. "I want to make a deal."

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Justin he's sure Samantha will beat this rap. Justin is suspicious and warns EJ that if evidence suddenly turns up and they find out it's been falsified, Sami will be sent away for life. EJ says he's only doing what Samantha would do for him if the situation were reversed.

Brady meets Kristen at the pub and suggests a vacation together. She says no. Kristen talks about Daniel getting the birth certificate and getting to raise his own child. Brady says maybe someday... She reminds him they're taking it slow. He talks about surprising her. After, Brady runs into Nicole. He mentions Kristen going to Eric's office. She didn't know that, but says Eric's not been himself.

JJ arrives at home. Jenn tells him she's going to be honest. "I love Daniel." She tells him she wants it to work out and whatever happens, he'll just have to accept it. JJ calls her a liar for saying his dad was the love of her life. Daniel arrives. JJ asks his mother, "Do you want to talk to him or me?"

Abigail catches up with Cameron in the square. She questions him avoiding her. Chad watches from a distance. Cameron tells her he's been busy. She questions why it seems he's giving her to Chad.

Kristen appears in Eric's office as he's on the phone telling Father about his disturbing dreams.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

EJ fears he may have ruined Sami’s case. Later, Sami tells him about her shocking decision.

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