Nicole joins Eric, who is with a dying patient, Elizabeth, in the hospital. Elizabeth asks Nicole to stay with her since she looks so much like her sister. Eric assures her they will stay. Nicole talks to Elizabeth and Eric delivers the last rites. The woman dies. Her sister arrives. Eric tells her she died in peace. Nicole and Eric step out. Eric says Elizabeth is in God's loving arms.

Nick and Maggie talk in the square. She lets him know she’s always there. Nick asks if she read about what happened to Vargas. Maggie says it’s sad. Nick says it could have been him. Nick tells Maggie he’s ready to get back some things he lost. She tells him not to think too far ahead.

At the apartment, Gabi and Will argue heatedly about Nick. Sonny arrives and warns that Ari can hear them. Gabi gets even more upset. She wonders what happened to it being all three of them in this together. Sonny asks what started the argument. Will and Gabi start arguing about Nick again. They disagree on whether Nick has changed. Gabi storms out. Will and Sonny discuss the situation. Will says he’ll never trust Nick. Sonny feels they should bend a little for Gabi. Will marvels at Sonny’s endless understanding. He wonders how long it can work out. Sonny assures him he'll do whatever he can to make it work, but they have to realize it's not easy for Gabi. Will just hopes she opens her eyes about Nick.

Brady arrives at the Horton house to find Jennifer crying. He embraces her. She fills him in about JJ seeing her and Daniel kissing and how everyone lost it. Jennifer blames herself for giving in and kissing Daniel – now she may have lost both of them. Brady thinks she needs to talk to Daniel, but she says they’re done talking. Brady tells Jennifer she’s a good friend, so he feels comfortable saying something to her – she needs to start over again with Daniel. He talks about him and Kristen rebuilding their relationship on a foundation of trust. Jennifer makes a noise. She says she really wants it to work for them; a while ago he was worried Kristen was hiding something from him. Brady wonders why she’d bring that up. Jennifer just wants them to be happy. Brady steps away to take a business call.

At his place, Daniel confronts Kristen about what secret she thought Jennifer had told him. He threatens to call Brady. She stops him. Daniel rants. Kristen agrees to tell him everything. Kristen goes on about not wanting to lose Brady; he’s her salvation. She tells him the secret is that she thought about breaking it off with Brady out of fear, but Jennifer talked her down. She invites him to call Jennifer. Daniel apologizes; he just doesn’t want to see Brady get hurt again. She notices the birth certificate. He says it’s official – he’s the father. Kristen says Jennifer must be thrilled. He admits she doesn’t know yet. Kristen expresses support. Later, Maggie and Parker stop in to get a toy. Daniel shows off the birth certificate. Maggie would like him and Jennifer to raise Parker together. She cries happy tears.

At the café, Nicole tells Eric all he does is give to others. Don’t you deserve a little happiness yourself? Eric tells Nicole he’s happy. He acknowledges that things were difficult for him when he decided to become a priest, and he still has doubts. Eric says he was haunted for a very long time by the Congo. She helped him see it was part of God’s plan; they’ll always be friends. Nicole apologizes for doubting his choice.

Nick helps Gabi with her calculus in the square. He senses she’s upset and asks if she regrets what happened with them. He talks to her seductively. She says she has to get to class.

Kristen arrives at the Horton house and tells Jennifer she's been to Daniel's place - he's a heartbroken mess of a man. Kristen thinks JJ is old enough to accept she's in love. She insists she go to Daniel's and hear his good news. Brady hears Kristen say he is the best thing to happen to her. Jenn leaves and Brady kisses Kristen.

At the rectory, Nicole takes Eric's phone and sends him to get some rest. Daniel arrives looking for Eric. Nicole says he's sleeping. In his bed, Eric snaps awake while dreaming about sex with Kristen.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Eric reels over his unsettling dream, trying to figure out what it means

Abigail demands to know why Cameron is pushing her into Chad’s arms.

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