At home, Sonny looks at his subpoena to testify against Sami. Will phones. He has one too. Sonny says he'll ask his dad what to do next. They agree to meet at the courthouse. Sonny texts his father. Gabi appears. He tells her she'll have to miss class because he and Will have a meeting. She says they'll have to figure it out - she's leaving. Sonny says, "No you're not." He says they were subpoenaed. "Will's mom could go to prison." Arguing ensues . Sonny exits.

Justin and EJ are at Sami's cell. Sami talks about 'if' she goes through with the trial. Kristen appears, saying she wanted to wish Sami well. EJ tells her it's not a good time. Sami works to get Kristen to take EJ out so she can talk to Justin. Once alone, Sami asks Justin about the plea deal. He warns her that in order to give the D.A. Stefano, she'd have to also give her EJ. Sami presents a theory on how it might go. Justin asks if she's thought about what might happen if EJ can't deliver Stefano. Justin leaves to meet Sonny.

In the square, Nick is on the phone saying he's a free man and they'll celebrate. He then mutters to himself, "Celebrate what? What now?"

At Daniel's place, JJ enters to find Daniel kissing Jennifer. When JJ calls Jennifer a slut, Daniel grabs him and growls, "Don't you ever speak to your mother like that!" Jennifer intervenes and JJ slams out. Jenn tells Daniel she can handle her son. Daniel hollers that she's not - that's the problem - she's not handling a damn thing. They argue. He says where JJ's involved she is deaf, dumb and blind. She leaves. A messenger comes with an envelope - it's a birth certificate. Daniel smiles and tries to call Jennifer.

Roman confronts Adrienne at the pub about turning in the evidence against Sami. He wishes she hadn't done that.

At home, Kristen and EJ discuss Sami's trial. EJ says he's encouraged. Kristen muses that Justin doesn't seem as optimistic. She notes that the DiMeras tend to stack the deck. EJ maintains it will be a fair trial and he's firmly in control. Kristen wishes him luck.

Nick spots Will in the cafe. He says his parole ended today. Sonny arrives and tells Will that Gabi had to stay with the baby. Nick leaves. Outside, he flashes to kissing Gabi. Adrienne stops in. Justin appears. He needs to speak to Sonny and Will alone. Justin advises them to tell the truth and will set them up with attorneys. Will leaves to relieve Gabi. Adrienne returns. She is relieved to hear that Sonny's protected.

At home, JJ tells Rory on the phone he has some business to take care of. Jennifer arrives. He doesn't want to talk. She says he's not walking away from her and grabs his bag. He apologizes for calling her a name but contends she lied to him. They bicker. JJ says he has a final and leaves. Jenn takes a call from Daniel and tells him he made everything worse. She needs to concentrate on her son. Daniel says sneaking around is ridiculous. Jenn accuses him of making this all about him. He refuses to sneak around and says he won't keep it a secret. He hangs up.

Roman arrives at Sami's cell. Sami asks Roman's opinion on her chances. He says Justin will do everything he can to get her a fair trial, and says he loves her. Justin returns. He warns Sami that Trask could pull her offer if she thinks the jury will convict. EJ appears with shoes and says jury selection starts in 10 minutes. Sami's let out. EJ holds her.

JJ and Rory talk about pot in the park. JJ contemplates getting high before his final.

Nick arrives at Gabi's place and offers to take care of Arianna. She doesn't think it's a good idea. He understands. She asks about his parole hearing. She's thrilled to hear it went well. Nick helps with the baby and homework. Will arrives and Nick goes. Will asks, "What the hell was that?" They argue over Nick being in the house. Will says he hasn't paid for trying to take his daughter. Gabi shouts that she's her daughter too - he and his boyfriend need to remember that. Sonny appears.

Kristen arrives at Daniel's door as he rants about Jenn wanting him to keep a secret. Kristen asks what Jenn told him about her and Brady. Daniel won't let her leave until she spills what she's talking about.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Gabi blasts Sonny and Will for trying to run her life.

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