At the hub, Maxine tells Daniel his photo shoot for the magazine was bumped up. He didn't know and has a scheduling conflict. Jenn insists she told him but he didn't get the message. Things are strained and Jenn asks the photographer to keep it simple and take a few shots. Daniel goes and Anne pushes her way in and yells at Jennifer to get it together. This photo shoot should have been done weeks ago. Daniel returns. He tells them he can do it now and defends Jennifer. He and Jenn take off with the photographer and Anne laughs bitterly. Meanwhile, in Jenn's office Theresa reads about Vargas' arrest in the paper and worries the cops will finger her as his date. Hope interrupts and drags her away. Jordan arrives at Rafe's room for his first physiotherapy session. He's disappointed he must do it from bed and that he's a long way from using the physical therapy room. They get started.

Will works behind the bar of TBD serving coffee while discussing the bar fight last night and Theresa's return to Salem with JJ. He isn't surprised to hear Theresa was with Vargas. They talk about Jack being gone a whole year and JJ thanks him for his note of sympathy.

Kate brings EJ a coffee in the square. He assumes there's strychnine in it. She tells him she doesn't like being threatened and is extending an olive branch. Kate doesn't want Sami in jail forever and wants to help. EJ thinks she has done enough.

From her cell, Sami asks Justin's opinion on the dress she's wearing for jury selection. He thinks it's fine. Trask comes up. She asks Sami to accept a plea deal. Plead guilty and she'll get ten years. Sami sneers. She can't spend ten years in jail! Trask also says she wants Stefano. If Sami gives her EJ, she'll do the rest of the work. Sami's jaw hinge breaks off and falls to the floor. She's not going to betray her fiancé. Trask gives her time to consider it. She'll make sure Sami has great visitation rights with the kids.

Hope takes Theresa to the pub and questions her about her involvement with Vargas. Theresa lies. "Theresa you need to stop lying. Lying, lying, lying. Not tomorrow, not in an hour, but now." Theresa claims she did nothing wrong and Hope can test her for drugs. She's clean. Hope reminds her of what happened in L.A. She had six arrests including a DUI, fighting, possession of drug paraphernalia and cocaine. When Hope suggests rehab, Theresa walks out.

JJ arrives at the hospital looking for Jennifer. He speaks to Anne, who rants about her finally doing her job. JJ defends his mother who works all the time. Anne laughs. She realizes who he is and sarcastically apologizes. She's not forgiven. "Well move over John Wayne," she says with a laugh and asks the 'juvenile delinquent extraordinaire' how the shoplifting is going. They continue to trade barbs. Finally, Anne leaves and Maxine is glad he stood up to her. He calls Jenn to warn her. In his room, Rafe finishes physio. Abe turns up and Rafe jokes with him about actually being able to lift his arms. They talk about Sami's case not looking good. Abe leaves when Kate goes in and Rafe says they need to find a way to help Sami. Will arrives with a new photo of Ari and they continue to discuss the case. Jordan interrupts for therapy and a man serves them all subpoenas. Near the hub, JJ overhears a nurse hoping Dr. Jonas does the photo shoot shirtless. Maxine reminds her he's their superior and when the nurse calls Jenn and Dan "Dannifer," Maxine calls it silly and idiotic. She takes the nurse to task for gossiping. JJ learns Jenn's at Daniel's apartment for the shoot. Maxine thinks this is just what they need to reunite.

Daniel, Jenn, and the photographer follow Daniel to his apartment and a few photos are snapped with Parker. Afterward, Jennifer plays with Parker, making Daniel smile. Daniel overhears Jenn lie to JJ about her whereabouts over the phone and is touched when he reads the quotes from Maxine and 'anonymous' (Jenn) had written for the article. The gala will be in a few days and he asks her to go with him. He loves her. She says yes and they kiss... JJ walks in.

EJ meets Mr. Stollar in the park, who informs him he was able to sink a hundred grand into Timmy Bernardi's account. No way can it be traced. EJ's pleased and knows Sami will be, too.

EJ arrives at the cells and wonders why both Justin and Sami look dour.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Will discovers Gabi and Nick hung out.

Will and Gabi get into a massive argument.

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