Nick and Gabi share a moment at her apartment. He leans in for a kiss and things get passionate. She stops things and reminds him he called what they had a mistake. He just wanted to give her space but he still loves her. He caresses her back and she pants and kisses him. Later, they bask in the afterglow and Nick professes his love for Gabi. She worries Will is going to return home so he gets up. He thinks she would prefer to tell people about them on her own terms but his words only seem to confuse her. He leaves and she wonders what she just did.

EJ walks into a man's office, shows him Bernardi's financial statements, and tells him he's given him the 'low hanging fruit'. Now he's to find something in two hours EJ can use against Bernardi.

Kate bumps into Hope in the square. They discuss Sami saving Rafe. Hope can tell Kate's in love when she worries about Rafe going on the witness stand. Hope gets a work call and runs.

Cameron makes it to the grand opening of the club in time to pull Vargas off of Chad. When Vargas is arrested for assault and possession, Theresa runs. Will and Tad help Chad inside. Cameron follows and hovers, irritating Chad. Outside, Sonny asks the crowd to head back inside. Hope arrives, surprised to find Vargas arrested. The cop finds five more grams of cocaine on him and they add 'intent' to his arrest. Hope starts reading him his rights and hauls him to SPD. Back inside, Cameron privately tells Chad that he can't take risks like that in his condition. Kate arrives and Will tells her about the fist fight. EJ turns up and congratulates his brother. He heard about the fight and playfully punches Chad. Stefano enters with Cecily, causing the brothers to frown. Stefano hands his cigar to Tad to put out and tells Chad the place looks magnificent. He walks away and Abby leaves the brothers alone. They talk about Sami. Chad's sorry he shot that video but EJ blames Stefano. Nearby, Tad offers to help bounce at the club which makes Will and Sonny laugh. Will decides to go home to let Gabi have a turn partying. Sonny worries Gabi's been feeling lonely. Outside, Tad and Kate gab until Stefano and Cecily arrive. Things are tense. Kate says she knows why Stefano sent Bernardi to Rafe's hospital room. It was sick and twisted. Stefano laughs that she's sick for what she did with Rafe. She vows he won't get away with it. He mocks her. EJ gets Abby alone inside. She makes his brother happy. She stammers. He kisses her hand and goes to Cameron who asks if Chad seemed alert and focused. EJ assures the doctor Chad's fine. Inside, Tad kisses Robin and 'the mime speaks'. She needs a drink. He happily follows her to the bar while Sonny gapes. He and Chad discuss Gabi and her free pass for what she did to Melanie. Chad thinks maybe Gabi has changed. Nearby, Abby accuses Cam of ignoring her all night. He brushes her off.

Hope interrogates Vargas at SPD. He swears the cocaine isn't his. The whole thing was a big misunderstanding. He asks for a break, considering he helped SPD when Jensen was wreaking havoc. Hope is glad for that but now he's been found with a big pile of blow and a guy in the hospital. Hope says he's going back to prison. He gets to make one call.

Theresa opens her empty pocketbook at the square. She can't even buy a cracker. She flashes to seeing Vargas' stash of money and grins mischievously.

Theresa breaks into Vargas' room with a nail file and helps herself to his big stash of bills. She figures she's doing him a solid. The cops would only find it and he'd be in more trouble. He uses her as his only call since he can't find his lawyer's number and asks her to go to his apartment to get it. She pretends they've a bad connection and hangs up.

Will arrives home to Gabi and they discuss the club opening.

Nick slips into his bed at home and grins at a photo of Gabi.

EJ returns to Stollar's who has checked Bernardi's financial statements. Nothing's out of place. EJ asks the man to plant large deposits in the account and have them stop a week before his death.

Back at SPD, Vargas is pissed off. Hope hears the girl he was with is Theresa.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Hope confronts Theresa.

Daniel and Jenn get close.

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