At the DiMera mansion, Marlena overhears Kristen asking Jenn not to say anything to Brady about her sleeping with someone else. Marlena quietly steps outside and sees Brady. Inside, Kristen has heard a noise and investigates. She finds Brady talking with Marlena and Sydney. The sitter takes Sydney out back to see if the momma koi had her babies while Marlena asks Krissy and Brady to bury the hatchet. They need to ban together as a family in order to take care of the children, while Sami's in jail. Brady and Kristen agree to it but once Marlena leaves, Kristen snorts. She doesn't trust the shrink. They decide to go to the club for Chad's big opening. Outside, Marlena calls Victor.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Henderson gives Nick a box of Gabi's belongings she left behind. Nick smiles as he looks at a picture of Gabi. Victor asks if he's thinking about what might have been. Nick thinks about it all the time. Victor mentions tomorrow's a milestone for Nick. His parole officially ends and since he doesn't share his wife's nature to forgive, Nick's got to move out. Nick goes to Gabi's and later, Marlena arrives with a smirk on her face. She tells Victor Kristen's secret. He says for Brady they need 'ten kinds of proof and skywriting for him to believe it'. They need to find the other man.

Gabi, Will, and Sonny are all dolled up for the grand opening of the club, but the sitter has cancelled and they can't find anyone else. Gabi offers to stay home and forces the guys to leave.

At the club, Chad flashes to telling Cameron he's dying. Abby arrives and they flirt. Tad arrives with his date, Robin. Abby sips her Abitini and they joke about creating Tad his own drink which would be really cheap bourbon, soaked in an old gym sock. Chad and Abby slow dance to some emo music until Tad puts on dance tunes. Sonny and Will arrive and meet Tad's date.

Theresa arrives at Vargas'. He hands over some cocaine in lieu of flowers. Later, they've finished snorting some and Theresa sees his prison papers. He meant to put them away but she's not afraid. She just wants to party. He grabs cash from a massive roll of bills in a canister in his kitchen, which makes Theresa salivate. They leave.

Vargas and Theresa arrive at the club. Theresa finds the crowd tame, so Vargas pulls out the coke. Theresa takes it to the ladies' room. Will, Sonny, and Chad drink to their grand opening at the bar. Theresa returns to her table and Vargas takes the vial of coke to the bathroom while Theresa flirts with some guy. Back at the bar, Will and Tad talk about how hot Robin is but she is as quiet as a mime. Vargas returns to the table, dancing. Theresa kisses him and runs to greet Will and asks for a family discount on drinks. Meanwhile, Brady and Kristen show up and Kristen knocks on wood while telling Chad she and Brady have reunited. A high Vargas paces the dance floor looking like a caged animal. Kristen interrupts Will showing baby photos to Brady to take Brady home to bed. Chad and Abby head out for fresh air and Vargas follows. He fumes as he watches Theresa flirting with some dude. Kristen and Brady push by him, leaving the club and nearby, Chad and Abby look up at the roof. He tells her that's where the garden is kept. They grow their own food for the club. Chad jumps in when Vargas picks a fight with the guy Theresa's with and is punched out for his efforts.

Nick shows up at Gabi's with the box of her clothes. He can see she's ready to go out. She explains she couldn't get a sitter but is ready for a little grown up conversation. She folds baby clothes then pours him some wine. He tells her Kate's been supportive and paying him well for the formula he created but he'd like to find steady work. Gabi notes his parole's up tomorrow. They share a moment when he admits he's not sure what he'll do. Life was perfect when they were together.

Kristen and Brady return to the mansion and make love.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Nick and Gabi get intimate.

Kate confronts Stefano.

Hope confronts Theresa about Vargas.

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