Theresa drags JJ away before he finds Daniel kissing his mother in her office. Inside, Jenn begs Daniel to hide. She pokes her head outside. JJ's gone. Peeved, Dan again makes it known how he refuses to live a lie. "My head's going to explode," he says, panting. Jenn gives him information for his photo shoot for the magazine and things are tense so he leaves. By the hub, JJ apologizes for being a jerk to Theresa but becomes jealous when she talks up her 'new guy'. JJ leaves and Daniel catches her eye. He drops his envelope and she picks it up and reads his address. JJ returns to Jenn's office and finds Daniel's pen and questions her. She says they were working together. He assumes Daniel was bashing him and tells her about his run-in with Daniel earlier.

Kayla goes to Cameron's office to ask for an update on Chad's condition. He tells her Chad went to a specialist and from the look on Cam's face, Kayla knows the news is bad.

Abigail wanders through the new club and finds a drink Chad created called the Abitini. She loves it. He toasts to her father, making her choke up a little. She discusses the beautiful memorial and worries about how much losing their dad has changed her brother. Chad offers to talk to JJ and then asks her to be his date at the grand opening tonight. Abby's face falls when she hears Cameron encouraged Chad to spend more time with her.

Victor has invited Marlena to the mansion to discuss forming an alliance against Kristen. John's out of town, so he can't help, and Maggie doesn't have the capacity to get 'down and dirty'. Doesn't Marlena wish she could make Kristen go to hell? "Do not pass Salem," he says. She laughs. They'll start with Kristen's greatest weakness.

Kristen holds her pregnancy test at home when Father Eric arrives. She hides it and lets him in. He hands over papers but can tell she's got something on her mind. She says she's worried about Sami and wishes she could help. He tells her to pray and she laughs. She doesn't have much of a 'direct line to the guy or gal upstairs'. He disagrees. He leaves and she grabs the test and calls Jenn over. When Jenn shows up, Kristen tells her she's not pregnant. She tries to make light of it. "No miracle baby for me," she says, looking glum.

Theresa drops off the envelope to Dan at his apartment. She asks him out for drinks but he isn't interested. "Not even close." He tells her to keep their contact related to the hospital. She takes off and thinks she must be losing her touch.

Marlena finds Eric at the rectory. She hears he's working with Kristen and when he starts praising her, she laughs and tells him Kristen's playing him. She gives him a warning then runs to get Sami's kids.

At the hospital, since Cam's on a break, Abby goes to Kayla for advice on the two men in her life. She was ready to make a decision until she heard Cameron encouraged Chad to date her. She assumes Cam's trying to let her down gently.

Cameron visits Chad at the club for an update on Chad's health. Chad says, "I'm still dying." Cameron wants to help him beat this but Chad doesn't even want to discuss being sick. Cameron sighs but agrees to let it go tonight. Chad rubs it in that Abby's his date tonight. He jokes that he'll bring her back to his place and make love to her all night. Cameron doesn't crack a smile.

At the square, Rory and JJ ponder whether or not Dr. Dan knows something about his dealing. They decide to be super careful. He just has to make sure his mom's on his side.

Theresa sends Vargas a text from work about tonight. She asks if he has a real name or if she has to call him Vargas. Anne interrupts and she asks if Dr. Dan is seeing someone. Anne laughs and tells her it's Jenn. Theresa joins in the laughter and Anne shakes her head, recounting the constant breaks and break-ups they've had. She's so over it.

Dan goes to Eric at the rectory, worrying JJ will come between him and Jenn forever. They talk about Eric's illness. Eric has the distinct feeling something awful happened to him.

Back at the mansion, Kristen talks about the pregnancy scare and tells Jenn over the phone to keep it quiet. If Brady found out she had sex with someone else while they were apart, it'd be over. Nearby, Marlena raises an eyebrow.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Marlena conspires with Victor over what she overheard.

It's the grand opening of the club.

Someone's date ends in violence.

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