EJ arrives at Sami's cell and she tells him Bernardi was supposed to slit something else to make sure Rafe didn't have sex with Kate. EJ doesn't care. It's Rafe's fault she's in jail. EJ finds it ironic that Rafe's once again coming in between them. Sami disagrees with that, exasperated. EJ goes on about Sami visiting Rafe and how she must have been stroking Rafe's face to know he had a fever. EJ blames Sami's feelings for Rafe for putting her in jail. Sami sniffs. She loves EJ but defends Rafe. EJ talks about Rafe's refusal to lie on the witness stand for her but she doesn't blame him. He's a cop. EJ says his refusal's out of spite. Sami knows that's not true. Caroline interrupts with clam chowder. Sami takes it gratefully and EJ kisses Sami and leaves them alone. Caroline gives Sami a pep talk.

In Rafe's room, Kate and Rafe meet Jordan, Rafe's physiotherapist. Kate thought Jordan would be a man but Rafe likes his physiotherapist being a woman. Jordan goes off to check out the physical therapy room and Rafe smirks at Kate's twinge of jealousy. Kate's worried for his safety and asks why EJ visited him earlier. Rafe appreciates it but doesn't want her hovering. Kate's hurt but acknowledges he's right. Rafe apologizes and she kisses him and leaves. Jordan turns up and the therapy starts. Rafe's disappointed in how things go when he finds out how weak he is. He wonders if he'll ever walk again.

Father Eric finds a dapper looking Vargas at the square, making big plans for the evening that include a limo. Vargas tells the truth about where his money came from, which makes Eric feel he has failed the ex-con. Vargas isn't interested in making an honest living. He calls Eric a cool guy who was helpful but he's now helping himself. Eric looks astonished. "Don't let bastards like me let you down," Vargas says.

Daniel sees JJ at the Kiriakis mansion looking for Adrienne. Daniel brings up the anniversary of Jack's death. Dan liked JJ's father. JJ doesn't care and rubs it in that Dan's out of the picture. Daniel gets in JJ's face. He's on to him and refuses to let him hurt Jennifer.

Jennifer goes to make a call while Nicole finds Kristen and her pregnancy test at the park. Nicole taunts Kristen and when Jenn returns, she claims the test as her own. Kristen gets uptight and runs off. Nicole cringes. Jenn makes up a story about the test being for a teenager at the homeless shelter. Nicole scoffs. St. Luke's has a relationship with the homeless shelters and they don't provide medical attention. Jenn snorts that she doesn't owe Nicole an explanation and takes off.

Kristen brings a new pregnancy test home. She gives Harold and Mary the rest of the day off to take the children swimming since they miss their mom. Jenn calls and assures Kristen Nicole will keep quiet about her. Krissy thanks her for being a good friend. They hang up and Kristen pours a drink and heads upstairs. She returns and Syd's playing with the test. Kristen yells. Syd apologizes and Kristen feels bad. "I'm just a big fat meanie." She only wants to keep her safe the way her mommy would. This makes Syd mope about wanting her mommy.

In the park, Theresa rags on Jenn for being out of the office. JJ snaps. This is the anniversary of his father's death. She apologizes and wants to party but JJ's not interested. Rory is but she leaves and JJ goes to find Jenn to manipulate her some more.

Nicole drops by Daniel's and tells him Jenn may be pregnant.

Daniel goes to Jenn's office and asks if she's pregnant. Jenn laughs. Nicole works fast. She denies it. Daniel muses that if she was, they would figure it out and JJ would have to accept him. Jenn brings up keeping their relationship a secret and they argue. Eventually, he caves and they start kissing as JJ walks down the hall.

Kate bumps into EJ at the park. She asks him to stop bothering Rafe. EJ says if Sami's convicted, it's on Kate and her boy toy.

Vargas bumps into Theresa at the square. She finds him handsome and turns the charm on. He thinks this is his lucky day. She flirts and tells him if he plays his cards right, it might be his lucky night, too. She gives him her number and goes.

Father Eric returns to the rectory in a terrible mood. He tells Nicole about his run-in with Vargas. The program failed. She tells him not to blame himself but he bites her head off and goes to see Kristen.

Father Eric shows up on Kristen's doorstep.

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Victor convinces Marlena to work with him to break up Brady and Kristen.

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