Daniel sadly reads about the memorial ceremony for last year's Daysaster in the paper. He struggles with calling Jenn and tears up. Parker notices and gives him a hug. Later, Parker's outside building a fort when Maggie tries to get Daniel to take time for Jenn today. He texted... Maggie calls it a cop-out and starts to meddle. He says this is none of her business but she disagrees.

Jenn, Abby, and JJ talk about the memorial ceremony being nice. Jenn's glad to see Jack in both her children, every day. Jenn appears moved by Daniel's text. Abby says she heard there's a small chance she'll have to testify at Sami's trial. Jenn's happy she's not facing criminal charges. Jenn leaves and JJ thanks his sister for helping their mother when Jack died. "I should have been there," JJ says, and offers to be someone she can count on.

EJ barges in on Rafe in his hospital room just as Jordan's about to introduce herself. She leaves and EJ wants to bury the hatchet. "Not in your head." He wants to work together but Rafe's not sure how he can help. EJ wants to work out who Bernardi was which will give them a good shot at freeing Samantha. Rafe's already given it a lot of thought. EJ figures Rafe can "remember" seeing Bernardi stopping at a bank or safe deposit box often while they were on duty together. EJ would then make sure Hope found something. Rafe can see EJ's desperate but will pretend he didn't attempt to solicit his help in planting false evidence. The cops aren't as stupid as EJ thinks. EJ calls him sanctimonious and considers this a waste of time.

Sami's sobbing in a corner in her cell when Kate arrives to discuss Stefano. Kate's going to help her. Sami's pretty skeptical getting help from her enemy but Kate says Stefano swore on the Dimera name he didn't send Bernardi to kill Rafe. Sami scoffs but Kate knows Stefano wouldn't say that and lie. He didn't need to bring out the DiMera oath. Kate asks Sami to recount the shooting again. Sami rolls her eyes but agrees to it. They reenact the position Bernardi was standing in and Sami realizes Bernardi wasn't anywhere near Rafe's throat. He was holding the sheet in one hand and the arc would have had Bernardi's arm come down below the waist. They both gasp and say, "Oh my God." Sami's about to be sick and Kate wishes she could take a razor to Stefano. They don't know what good it'll do to tell someone. Kate's sorry. She assumes Stefano wanted her to know. "My God that would have been a waste," Kate whispers before leaving Sami's cell.

Nicole mouths off about Kristen working so closely with Eric at the rectory. Eric calls her egocentric and doesn't think she needs to be concerned which makes Nicole go off the rails. If Eric doesn't smarten up, Kristen could ruin them both! Later, Eric's alone when Maggie drops by. He's upset because he and Marlena just had an argument. They talk about Eric working with Nicole and Kristen and he admits he saw a new side of Kristen.

Brady stumbles upon Kristen looking at pregnancy tests at the pharmacy. She pretends she needs tissue but he can tell she's lying. She admits it.

Brady takes Kristen to Mandalay. She still hasn't said why she was at the pharmacy but tells him she's worried about him. It's the anniversary of Madison's death. Brady hates memorial services, he hates this day and hates talking about it. That's why men watch sports. So they don't have to talk. Kristen giggles. He asks her to agree to stop lying and evading. He leaves and Kristen bumps right into Jennifer, and her pregnancy test drops out of the bag. They both gasp. Kristen runs away and Jenn follows her to the park. Why is she keeping this a secret? She has always wanted this! Jenn soon realizes Brady's not the father. Kristen claims she slept with a married man but told Brady she was loyal to him.

Nicole sees Daniel at the hospital. She encourages him to be there for Jennifer today. He can't do it and she knows it's because of 'that punk' son of Jenn's. When she sees him, she's going to put JJ in his place. Daniel thinks something else is upsetting her. He guesses Kristen. Back in Rafe's room, EJ hopes Rafe rots in bed while Sami's rotting in prison. Rafe fumes. Jordan returns just as Kate barges in. They need to talk. Jordan introduces herself.

JJ lays into Abby at home when he finds her texting Daniel. She hasn't given up on him and their mother. She leaves and Rory turns up. JJ says they need to get back into business together.

Brady walks in on Daniel picking Parker up by his feet in the Kiriakis living room. Parker laughs with delight. Brady dreams he'll do this one day with his own son.

EJ goes to Sami's cell and learns Stefano wanted to cut off Rafe's penis.

As Jenn's off making a call, Nicole finds Kristen and her pregnancy test on a bench at the park.

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