Nicole reads Lewis Carroll at the beach when Eric strolls up clad only in swim trunks, telling her she can't be there. Her jaw drops and she stammers. She blinks and discovers it's not Eric. The man goes on to say there's some memorial to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Salem tunnel explosion and everyone's been asked to leave the area.

Outside the rectory office, Brady and Eric bicker about Marlena finding out Brady reunited with Kristen before Brady wanted her to. Inside, Kristen is shocked to realize her period is late. Brady pops his head in and then leaves. Kristen agrees to conduct one more interview with Eric though she's chomping at the bit to leave. Hailey and her cousin head in. Hailey doesn't say a word. She recently lost her mother so Eric and the cousin leave the room while Kristen works her magic. She identifies with the little girl and promises she won't always be so sad or mad. "It's gonna get better," she promises. Hailey hugs Kristen and they both cry. Eric eavesdrops. The girl leaves and Eric talks about her affinity for kids. She gets uptight thinking the same about him. He asks what's going on and she talks about being confused and afraid of all of these changes. She runs out.

Maxine tells Kate Rafe's in one of his moods. Kate plans on cheering him up and heads inside his hospital room. She and Rafe argue about whether or not Stefano sent Bernardi there to kill him. Why Bernardi would want to kill him? He won't let this cost Sami her life. Kate changes the topic. Maxine strolls in. Kate leaves and the new physiotherapist, Jordan Ridgeway, prepares to see her client. Maxine preps Rafe for physio. She tells him he'll hate it but he's tough and can handle it. Jordan arrives.

Sami dreams the children have visited her at jail. She wakes up and thanks the guard for being fair. He's looking after her because Roman saved his life. Sami exercises and then dresses a tight orange dress EJ sent for the hearing.

Justin interrupts EJ doing business at home and starts lecturing the DiMera about sabotaging Sami's case. EJ doesn't want to hear it but Justin knows he planted evidence at Bernardi's. It backfired and made Bernardi look like a saint! Justin tells him to can the shenanigans. EJ grouses about the children wondering when mommy's coming home from her business trip. EJ hands over an envelope with DA Trask's next move, causing Justin to snap. "By the book from this moment forward," Justin says. EJ wants Sami home.

Nicole finds Brady at the pub. They discuss the anniversary of Madison's death and Brady laughs about Madison privately watching "Bridget Jones Diary" during business meetings. Nicole starts bashing Kristen but Brady thinks she and Kristen have more in common than she knows. Nicole knows he's right but still calls Kristen a man-eater. "She will eat you up and spit you out. Again." Brady asks her to trust that his eyes are wide open.

Sami meets EJ and Justin in court. Justin makes a request to free Sami on bail considering she has had an attempt made on her life twice already. He presents EJ and Sami's passports and documentation on which shows EJ impounded the DiMera jet. When Justin brings up the children, Trask reminds the judge brings up EJ and Sami going on the run last year. Justin introduces the envelope EJ gave him which reveals Trask's plan on filling the courtroom with uniformed cops which wouldn't provide his client with a fair trial. The judge takes a break to go over the information provided and Justin grins. He thinks there's a good shot Sami can go home tonight. The judge returns and denies bail. Sami gasps and starts to cry while EJ grabs his head in frustration. Justin gets the prosecution witness list which includes Abe, Hope, Roman, Will, Sonny, Adrienne, Kate, Will, Rafe, Kayla. Sami's unimpressed and hauled back to her cell. Justin's just happy Marge isn't going to be on the stand. Maybe it means she's hiding something!

Before Jordan can introduce herself, EJ barges into Rafe's room.

Kate interrupts Sami crying in her cell. They need to discuss Stefano.

Nicole arrives at the rectory and goes bananas when Eric starts praising Kristen for her work today. Eric doesn't want to listen and walks away.

Brady walks up as Kristen's perusing the pregnancy tests at the pharmacy.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Sami and Kate stumble upon the truth behind Stefano’s actions.

JJ, Abigail, and Jenn keep Jack in their thoughts.

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