At the pub, Will watches Brent's meeting with Sonny. The renovations are almost complete. Will looks uncomfortable when Brent says his offer to bring Sonny on vacation stands. Sonny declines.

From the park, Cameron texts Chad, asking to meet. Chad ignores the text. Gabi walks up and it's plain to see Cameron's upset but he's not talking, so they make small talk about the baby and Rafe's long road ahead of him. Cam holds the baby.

Abby settles in at home to read the paper and eat a doughnut as Jenn heads into the room. JJ arrives outside, ranting to Rory on the phone about the drugged treats getting into the wrong hands, then heads in. He runs to Abby and yells that she can't eat the doughnut. "I sneezed on it," he lies. "Ew," Jenn and Abby exclaim, in stereo. Jenn's embarrassed about last night. The only drink in her future is camomile tea. JJ goes to shower and Abby worries for Sami. Jenn wonders why she's so focused on her cousin and thinks Abby has another issue. Abby admits she knew about Sami's attack video before it went public. Jenn asks who asked her to conceal evidence and assumes it was a DiMera. She thinks they should deal with it after work. She runs off and JJ makes his sister a delicious breakfast. She tells him about concealing evidence. He's there for her. They need to stick together.

Daniel goes to Eric at the rectory, where they discuss the DNA samples being ruined. They cannot get new ones, so their investigation is over. Daniel's concerned someone could still be out there and strike again. Eric isn't worried but offers to lend an ear about the doctor's love-life. Daniel's conflicted about something and brings up his history of infidelity with Chloe and intends on living an open and honest life from now on. "I need to set an example for my son," he says, smiling.

In bed, Brady watches as Kristen dreams about drugging his brother and having sex with him. She awakens and Brady talks about sending her mixed messages. He thinks they've a shot at building trust but it'll take time.

Chad turns up at the pub, pleased with the results of the renovations. They make a great team. Will looks pained. Sonny's so excited, he's already talking about franchising. "Shucks, this has been so fun," Will says, but he has to go drop off Ari's hat. Chad offers to do it and leaves. Brent notices Chad's down. Later, Brent and Will are alone and Will tells Brent to back off his man. Brent claims Sonny's not his type. In fact, he wishes he had what Will and Sonny have. He walks away, ignoring Sonny on the way out. Will feels bad and tells Sonny what happened. Sonny just wants them all to be friends and says he knows how lucky he is.

Chad finds Gabi with Cameron in the park. He hands over the hat and sadly walks away. Cameron calls Ari beautiful, just like her mother. He leaves and catches up with Chad who apologizes for dumping on him about the cancer. He'd normally talk to Abigail about this but he doesn't want pity. Chad says chemo is next. He'll do what he can to beat this.

Kristen arrives as Daniel's finished confessing to Eric. Daniel's surprised to learn she's working closely with Father Eric. Things are awkward and Daniel goes. Kristen and Eric interview an applicant for the scholarship. The mother notices how well they work together. Are they old friends? They shoot each other a look and later, while the kid tours the school, they tell her mother little Sarah won the scholarship. The mom's happy and reveals she's expecting a baby. "Oh my God," Father Eric exclaims, "That's great." Kristen's face falls while the woman admits she didn't even realize she was late until she looked at her day planner...

Jenn's on hold on a call at the hospital when Daniel barges in and slams the door behind him. He'll see her in secret if that's what she wants. He throws a chair and brushes the papers off the desk and takes her. Jenn snaps back into reality - it was a fantasy! Someone takes her call and she is happy to hear the focus is off her daughter in Sami's case. She sees Daniel and he dashes her hopes of a secret relationship.

Brady finds Daniel in the square. Does he still have the symphony tickets? Daniel got rid of them but asks who he's dating. Brady confesses he is back with Kristen. Dan's supportive but weary.

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