JJ, Bev, and Rory talk about college while eating donuts at the park. Nobody's high. "You baked all the weed out of it," Rory says, then jokes that maybe you have to eat the holes to get baked. JJ realizes who ate the pot donuts. He runs off and Rory laughs. "I hope they're reading 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'."

Kayla, Julie, Adrienne, Nicole, and Jennifer eat the best donuts they've ever had at Jenn's and while licking their fingers, they start feeling high. Kayla and Jenn have an 'aha' moment over "Alice In Wonderland" possibly having another meaning. Nicole confesses she thought she'd be bored tonight but is having fun. Julie starts a tirade about how boring going on cruises is and Jenn goes off for more donuts. They drink wine and ponder the book. Julie's back talking about cruising and how much she hates buffet lines. They crack jokes and snort with laughter, and start getting the munchies. They break out the dill pickles and chips, and Nicole, the 'vortex of emotion' becomes a little paranoid and goes off the rails on Jenn for no reason, confusing everyone. Julie pulls everything out of her handbag and finds a pair of handcuffs. She puts them on and tries to show them how she can get out of them with a paper clip. Her trick doesn't work, so she gives up and resumes eating. Jenn decides to call Hope to bring keys to the cuffs. Everyone makes silly jokes but the only one not laughing is Nicole.

Gabi visits frustrated Rafe in the hospital. He needs to speak to Sami, so Gabi gets an idea.

Kate watches Stefano and Cecily canoodling in the square. She crashes the party and Stefano sends Cecily away. Kate demands she tell him if he someone to take care of Bernardi or not. He swears he didn't. She's skeptical considering he was upset after learning she and Rafe were lovers. He calls her a 'soulless whore' and doesn't care who she sleeps with. He swipes the vase off the table and tells her they're done.

Sami notices how confident EJ looks as he flashes to paying Finn off to make Bernardi look corrupt. She asks what he's up to. He claims he's staying positive and leaves when Gabi arrives. She shows him a sweet video Rafe made supporting her and thanking her for saving his life. Sami starts to cry. As much as it pains him to say so, Rafe asks her to listen to EJ. He's a good lawyer.

Hope and Abe search Bernardi's house and Abe shows Hope the threat Sami received. With a cop, they search a lock box but find nothing.

EJ meets Hope and Abe at the court house. EJ heard Bernardi's house was searched. Did they find anything? Abe comments that nobody knew about the search. EJ covers. He's disturbed when he hears they came up empty. Hope thinks he sounds surprised. He slams Salem PD then takes it back when Hope gives him the stink eye. EJ takes off to talk to Justin and Hope takes Jenn's call. Hope hears Julie's in handcuffs. She assumes they're drunk and will send a squad car by with a key. They hang up and everyone laughs. JJ can hear them outside. Kayla gets a call from Kate, who can barely understand her for the spoonful of peanut butter in her mouth. They hang up and the cops arrive, scaring JJ. Jenn greets them and takes the cuff key. She offers donuts but he gets a call and leaves. JJ looks pained to see the donuts gone and everyone's antics. They all get dry mouth so JJ goes off to get water and gets rid of the rest of the donuts. He calls them a taxi, causing Nicole to become suspicious. The ladies sing their way out the door and Jenn peruses baby photos. She tells JJ how beautiful he is inside and out and he starts looking guilty. She wants another donut but he suggests she go off to bed while he cleans up. He berates himself and then sees the book. "They all went down the rabbit hole!"

EJ meets Finn outside the pub and learns Finn did the job right. EJ considers who could have intercepted them.

Stefano meets some goon in the park and takes the fifty grand. He laughs that EJ considers him that generous. He returns to the square, where EJ asks if he thinks he's going to get away with 'this'. They argue.

Kate visits Rafe in the hospital and admits she believes Stefano's telling the truth.

In Sami's cell, Hope says their new lead didn't pan out. Hope asks Sami to ensure EJ doesn't break the law to help her. It'll backfire and she'll pay the price.

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