Adrienne drops by Jenn's with wine for the book club meeting and Jenn invites her to make donuts.

Theresa scalps the symphony tickets in the park and rips up the envelope as Daniel jogs by. He stops to ask what happened and she babbles about ditching it because she's upset over Sami's incarceration. Dan offers to go lend an ear. She jumps at the offer but Kayla calls and demands she get to work. Nearby, EJ pays a minion to help the police prove Bernardi was a crooked cop. He hands him fifty grand to plant at Joe's, then call in an anonymous tip.

In the square, Nicole watches as JJ and Bev discuss plans with Rory for the evening. Nicole stops JJ and privately snarks off, wondering if he and his friends are planning another heist. They hurl insults at each other and JJ leaves. Nicole calls Daniel, who jogs up. She relays concerns about JJ but he can't help. He's surprised she was invited to Jenn's book club meeting. They're becoming friends. She decides to talk to Jenn about JJ on her own. Daniel teases Nicole about reading Alice In Wonderland.

Julie meets Hope in the pub. Bo calls. She asks him to call Ciara before he leaves. She misses him so much and asks him to be careful. They hang up and she looks tormented. She tells Julie Bo's going undercover, which means she doesn't know when they'll hear from him again. Hope refuses to let this get her down. They go off to Jenn's.

A guard gives Sami an artery clogging dinner in her cell. She chokes it down and notices a threat written on her napkin that reads, "You're a dead woman." She runs to the toilet and upchucks and lies to the guard about choking. EJ arrives and she shows him the note. "Bloody hell," EJ exclaims.

Abe and Theo find Marge and Timmy at school. Things are strained. Theo noticed Marge has pinned Joe's medal on his shirt. The kids go off to play and the adults commiserate over losing their spouses. Marge begs him to defend her husband. "Do it for Timmy."

In the Horton kitchen, Jenn and Adrienne make donuts. Adrienne says she and Sonny seem back on track now and Jenn reports things are on an upswing with JJ, too. Adrienne leaves the room and JJ arrives and since there's extra dough, JJ offers to make the rest for his friends. Jenn goes and JJ gets the idea to mix the weed into the donuts. They're misshapen but he says after everyone has had a few, nobody will care. When he leaves the room, Adrienne returns and gets curious. Bev arrives and meets everyone. Jenn hauls JJ off to embarrass him about how much she likes Bev while Adrienne decides to switch JJ's donuts with the nicer looking ones. JJ heads in and grabs the bag and heads out, unsuspecting.

Theresa arrives in Kayla's office. Kayla lectures her about being ungrateful for people's help. Theresa gets snotty and Kayla reminds her if her lawyer didn't convince the judge that moving jurisdictions would ensure she was away from temptation, she'd be in jail in LA right now. She gets on her about being useless at work. If she can't convince Jenn for another chance, Theresa's going home to serve time for a drug bust! Kayla forces her to write an apology to Jenn, promising to take the job seriously. Theresa's sarcastic but does it, preferring it to the alternative - 'three hots and a cot'.

Abe arrives at Sami's cell and takes the note from EJ, who decides to stay to protect Sami until Abe returns. EJ gets a text that reads, "Done." Abe returns. Sami will have three new guards and her meals will come from outside of the jail. EJ wants to hire his own guards. Abe gets an important call and leaves.

Theresa calls JJ to tell him she has a new dealer. She meets him in the park and they do an exchange. She buys coke.

Back at Jenn's, Hope tells Jenn about Bo's call. Kayla arrives and Jenn reads Theresa's note. Jenn decides to give Theresa another chance. Nicole arrives and when work calls, Hope leaves. Donut tasting begins.

Daniel jogs by JJ, Bev, and Rory. The two get into it and Dan jogs off. The kids eat the donuts but complain they're not feeling the effects yet.

Hope arrives at the court. Abe has a warrant and discusses the tip. Marge calls. She has a friend at the court house who tipped her off about the warrant. He can't ignore the tip since it seemed legit.

Daniel arrives at his office and fantasizes Jenn's in his shower.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Sami is touched when she receives a video from Rafe.

EJ realizes who derailed his plans.

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