At the apartment, EJ records Will snuggling Arianna and they wonder where Sonny is. Will still thinks he should have been allowed to sacrifice himself for Sami but EJ argues that it would likely have only made things worse. He and Justin are working hard to get Sami out.

Sami stops doing sit-ups in her cell when Sonny visits. He's surprised she's happy to see him because he blames himself for her predicament. She doesn't and if Will does too, Sonny needs to convince him otherwise. She councils him not to throw away his relationship with his mom who would walk into a burning building for him.

Adrienne asks Justin point blank if he's done with their marriage. He thinks she is after all she has done. She asks when he's coming home but he doesn't know. She pushes, he yells. She tells him she's sorry she didn't come to him first, and that it was hurtful and embarrassing, but she's not sorry for protecting their son.

Abby and Cameron break from a kiss in the park. Abigail wonders what she did right. Cam's surprised. He thought she might have been more comfortable with Chad. She says she hasn't made a decision yet. He's not pressuring. They kiss some more and Chad comes up. He walks away sadly.

In Dr. Landrum's office, the doctor says the results are conclusive. Later, Chad leaves in shock.

At home, Victor catches Brady gearing up to call John to let him know he has reunited with Kristen. He tells his grandson he needs to learn to mumble and calls this a big mistake. Brady knows what he's doing. "So you're okay with pain and heartache?" They argue. Victor's been in his shoes with Kate, Vivian, and Nicole. Until he married Maggie he didn't know what happiness was. Brady denies being gullible and Victor asks what he and Kristen have in common other than sex. Brady refuses to answer but is a big boy. He leaves and Justin arrives. Victor asks him 'how's tricks' and jibes him about being in the DiMera's pocket and snarks that his wife's being the only man in the situation. Victor doesn't respect Justin for what he and EJ did to Stefano. EJ would be nothing but a shyster with a posh accent if it weren't for Stefano.

Marlena drops by the DiMera mansion. Marlena won't let Kristen get away with hurting Brady again. Kristen mutters that she's gotten away with a lot already. She's going to be working side by side with Eric at the rectory. Marlena doesn't like that. Kristen laughs about Marlena's marriage ending. She heard John's thinking of moving the company to Europe. He doesn't want anything to do with a tired old worn out loser like Marlena. Marlena gasps and goes ballistic, strangling Kristen. Kristen yells, "I love it when you play rough." Brady runs in and separates the two. Marlena runs off and Brady demands to know what's going on. He assumes she pushed Marlena's buttons. If she has to take flak from him each time she defends herself, he may as well leave. He starts to go but runs back and pulls her into a passionate kiss. He starts tearing at her clothes and alarmed, she flashes to Eric. They make love on Stefano's desk.

EJ makes a call about meeting someone about Bernardi outside the pub. Chad walks by after having seen Cam and Abby kissing. He mutters about Abigail making her decision and texts Cam to meet. Cameron finds Chad inside the pub. Chad snipes about Cameron making the moves on Abby but Cameron just wants to know what the specialist said. Chad says to keep it quiet but he's dying from a brain tumor.

Sonny psyches himself up to say hello to his mother at Mandalay. It's awkward but they catch up and she can't contain herself and starts bawling. She thinks her marriage is over. Sonny comforts her with words and by holding her hand. He's so sorry. She cheers up a little.

EJ greets Samanther in her cell with a kiss. She wants to jump his bones. She tells him about her visit with Sonny and EJ shows her the video of Will and Ari. She loves it and complains she's missing so much. He runs out to a meeting when Marlena visits and tries to keep Sami's spirits up. She knows EJ will do all he can to get her home.

Abby goes to Will's for advice on how to make a choice between Chad and Cameron. Will jokingly tells her to list their pros and cons on a spreadsheet. She leaves wondering why Chad hasn't returned her text. Sonny returns, glad to be home. They kiss.

EJ meets some guy in the park who he orders to help make sure the police can prove Bernardi was crooked.

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