Justin finds Rafe bored to death in his hospital room. He's looking forward to walking soon. Though Kate discourages it, Rafe wants to help Justin with Sami's defense. Kate reluctantly leaves and Rafe calls Joe a good cop - a family man. They were friendly at work but he doesn't know much else. Adrienne finds Kayla in her office. She needs a friend but Kayla doesn't agree with her throwing Sami under the bus. Adrienne defends herself. She's paying for what she did with her marriage and her son. Kayla concedes she's not sure what she'd do in Adrienne's shoes. It's a mess for their family but she gets it. Adrienne's relieved someone understands. Kayla talks her into going to tonight's book club. Kate interrupts and drags them to Rafe's room. In his room, Rafe asks about the attack video but Justin calls it unrelated. Kayla and Kate arrive and Justin's told to leave. Rafe's blood pressure is elevated so she orders him to rest. Kate secretly gives Kayla the name of Rafe's new physiotherapist and Rafe admits he likes her protectiveness. He opens up about his frustrations and concern he'll never walk again. Kate doubts that'll happen. Justin meets Adrienne by the elevators. They go off to discuss their marriage. In her office, Kayla asks Seth over the phone to offer Jordan Ridgewood the physiotherapist job.

Chad watches Abby and Cameron make a date in the square. Abby goes off to check on her fall course schedule and Chad doesn't like that Cam's moving in on Abby. Cam ignores him and they talk about the specialist Chad's going to see about his CT scan. Chad receives a call from the specialist and goes. Abby returns and says Chad's 'off' lately. Cam fobs it off on work. They talk about dating. He's not rushing her into making decisions.

A perturbed Eric runs into Brady on his way out of the pub. Brady can see something's wrong and pressures Eric to talk. Eric reveals Kristen told him about his fling with Nicole. Brady says it didn't mean anything. Eric doesn't like the sound of that but Brady says it's complex but they've an honest relationship. Eric says Nicole's torn up about this. Brady's stumped but will talk to her. He apologizes for keeping it a secret.

Marlena wakes up on her sofa dreaming Kristen's taunting her about John not returning home. Marlena won't let that woman destroy her day.

Nicole busts a gut laughing at the rectory after Kristen relays news that she's her new boss by order of Bishop White. Nicole yells, "Hell no." Kristen already ruined Brady's life. She's not ruining Eric's, too. "It's too late for that," Kristen retorts, cryptically. She calls Nicole's "Thornbirds" fascination with Eric sick. It'll end badly. Kristen gets in her face about Brady. Nicole scoffs that she sounds jealous. "You've got your crazy on." Kristen can see she's not threatened by her but she should be. She makes a 'gentle warning'. Nicole's bed hopping days at the Kiriakis mansion are over. Nicole taunts her about how soon Brady jumped into bed with her. "He couldn't wait, Krissy!" Kristen stakes her claim on her man and bites the air, saying Nicole has no idea what she's capable of.

Marlena walks in on her boys arguing at the pub. They talk about Sami's trial coming up. Eric goes and Brady takes a deep breath and tells his mother he's back with Kristen. Marlena blinks rapidly and says, "Oh my God." He fills her in about his discussion with John but still, she thinks he has lost his mind. Her professional opinion is that Kristen's a sociopath with borderline traits of personality disorder. She will never change. Marlena warns her son to save himself.

Back at the rectory, Nicole backs off but won't be Kristen's slave. They put each other on warning as Eric walks in. Kristen piles on work for Nicole and leaves. Nicole rants. Eric thinks she's jealous.

Chad meets Dr. Landrum in his office. Chad gets an MRI and waits for results while he thinks of his past with Abby. Landrum returns with results.

Cameron and Abigail flirt and kiss and have a picnic in the park.

Justin takes Adrienne into the woods and yells at her for hanging him out to dry. She doesn't respect him while he's in EJ's pocket. He tells her he's done with it. She wonders if he means their marriage.

Kristen returns home and clutches a thumb drive. She takes a call from Brady who tries to warn her Marlena knows, just as Marlena arrives.

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