Jenn almost bursts at the seams thinking of reuniting with Daniel but when she finds JJ in her office, she keeps quiet. She's happy he's turning things around for himself. JJ thinks it's better now that it's just them. Just the family. He ignores a call from Theresa and asks permission to see Will and then go out with a female friend, later. He'll bring her by the house since tonight's her book club meeting. He leaves and she leaves a message for Kayla about Theresa not working out. At the hub, Daniel's put on the spot by Maxine who is surprised Jenn didn't tell her Dan and Jenn have reunited. She's thrilled but will keep it mum. Daniel looks put out and goes to confront Jenn about keeping their reunion a secret. They argue when Jenn asks him to keep this a secret until her and JJ are in a better place. Daniel doesn't like sneaking around and lying. He did this with Chloe and there's no way in hell he'll do it again. He walks out.

Maggie goes to Will at the park and since he seems sad, she suggests he concentrate on everything good happening in his life. He brings up his insecurities with Sonny. Will worries he's holding him back. Maggie asks him not to make assumptions. She leaves when JJ arrives and Will notices the strain. JJ says it's because his mom dumped her son. Will's sorry to hear since Daniel's such a great guy. JJ ignores that comment and offers to babysit if he wants to visit Sami. He'll even learn to change a diaper. He fishes for information about Theresa, but Will doesn't really know her. Bev arrives. Introductions are made and after Will leaves, JJ tells Bev he's dragging her by his house before their evening. She laughs. She'd better find something mom-approved to wear. He gets an idea. "Tonight is going to be so epic!"

In the rectory, Eric learns Nicole was sleeping with Brady. "It was short-term," she exclaims, and none of anyone's business. Things are tense. Eric didn't realize she had such strong feelings for his brother. She lies that it's the reason she kept it from him but says she has moved on after hearing Brady's back with Kristen. Eric is surprised at how cold she sounds. Nicole allows him to believe the worst in order to hide her feelings. Eric thought she had changed but she argues that deep down, she's shallow. "Easy come, easy go," she quips. He asks, "Does that mean you and I?" Father Matt interrupts and Nicole leaves the room. Father Matt talks about Kristen working with Eric on the new project. Eric's taken aback since Kristen has done a lot to hurt his family, but eventually agrees to it for the bishop's sake.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen balks at the idea of working on a special project with Father Eric. Brady's surprised. Father Matt leaves and Kristen claims she doesn't want to upset Marlena. Brady thinks it'll help his brother warm up to her. He convinces Kristen to do it. He leaves and Dr. Chyka arrives to assure her Eric will never remember what happened between them. She grabs him by the lapels. "Would you stake your life on it?" He's positive.

Theresa leaves a message for JJ to hang out later. She thinks he's "such a baby." She heads into the pub to see Caroline, and asks after Nick. Caroline tells him he was once a busboy. Theresa calls him a loser and Caroline's face falls. She encourages Theresa to lose the chip on her shoulder. It's self-destructive. Theresa feels judged and is close to tears. Caroline calls her Stephanie and she says when she's upset she messes up names. Theresa apologizes for getting defensive. Caroline blames the Brady temper, which makes Theresa laugh.

Theresa walks into the hospital as Daniel's trying to get rid of symphony tickets. He asks if she likes the symphony and if she's free tomorrow night. She is. He hands them over and she decides to scalp them for drugs.

At home, Brady tells Maggie that he and Kristen are back together. She almost falls out of her chair. She thinks he's addicted to love.

Kristen arrives at the rectory. Father Matt takes off and the priest and the DiMera agree to try and make this work. They shake hands and Eric looks at their hands and pauses. They're interrupted by an incoming call and he leaves. Nicole arrives and wonders why Kristen's there. Kristen calls herself Nicole's new boss.

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