Dan and Jenn make out at the Kiriakis mansion. Daniel comes up for air and suggests they go somewhere private for an afternoon delight.

From school, JJ takes a call from Theresa, who wants to see him. He's not sure... she hangs up and Bev says she wants to party with him. He kisses her before taking off to prepare for tonight.

Nick walks through the park and gets shot down when calling about a job interview. He walks to the square and bumps into Theresa. His stock papers fly and she helps him pick them up and mistakes him for a broker. He says he dabbles, so, thinking he's rich, she falls all over herself getting him to take her out for coffee. Nearby, JJ shakes his head as he watches them get a coffee. Nick goes to take a call while JJ walks up to Theresa and tells her she's an idiot for trying to 'snag that dude'. JJ tells her Nick's history and she says she likes her men a little edgy, brilliant, and successful. JJ laughs because she wrongly thinks Nick's rich. He'll probably have to go back to washing dishes for his grandmother to pay for his kid and ex-wife. Theresa freaks out and asks JJ to help her get out of this. He laughs and walks away. Nick returns and Theresa gets in his face about how dishonest he was to lead her to believe he had money. She stomps off.

Sami tears up in her cell when EJ tells her Kayla's sure the autopsy will vindicate her. Johnny calls and Sami gets to speak with him. She cries through the entire call and EJ apologizes. Maybe it wasn't a good idea. Sami's thankful. EJ has faith in Kayla and assures Sami she'll be home soon.

Marge interrupts a call Justin's on in his office about exhuming Joe's grave. She rants that it'll never happen. Justin explains the bullet may not have been fatal and they simply want the truth. Marge lashes out, "Even your wife thinks the case is a joke." Justin tells her there's nothing she can do to stop the court order but she says she had her husband's remains cremated. Justin's let down but Marge can't wait for his client to hear the news.

At the pub, Nicole asks Brady to find out if Eric's health is alright. She can't ask because she thinks Eric knows she's in love with him. She thinks he spoke with Father Matt about it and muses that she's been trying so hard to fight her feelings. Brady thinks she should tell Eric the truth. She can't because she's always been a bad girl, "and this is the least bad I've ever been." Brady argues that Eric won't judge her but Nicole's more worried about a scandal.

Eric catches Kristen on the floor of the rectory. She tells him she found her bracelet which fell off her wrist earlier. He asks why she looks so guilty. She admits she wanted to ask Nicole to stay away from Brady now that their affair is over. Eric grapples with this new development making Kristen realize he didn't know. She putters off and Nicole arrives. Eric's been thinking about her. He looks intense as he asks if she's sleeping with his brother.

Back at Dan's place, he and Jennifer make love. She loves him and is never going to take it for granted again. She runs off for a meeting at work.

Back in jail, Sami tells EJ this wedding has to be important because it's the last one. "My last best and most important one. The one that matters." Justin calls and drops the ball about the cremation. They're upset and Sami exclaims, "This was my last best chance in getting out of here." Justin apologizes. As far as the records are concerned, Sami's bullet killed Joe Bernardi. Sami sobs.

Jenn returns to work and learns she won a PR award. Maxine hugs her in congratulations as Daniel watches from a distance, smiling. He thinks Jenn has told Maxine they're back together. Jenn goes to her office to find JJ looking for a favor but he can see she's got something on her mind and asks if she'd like to share.

Father Matt comes upon Brady and Kristen at DiMera mansion. Bishop White was grateful to her generosity in their sponsorship program. Would she like to work on a new project to decide upon this year's beneficiary of the scholarship program? She seems interested until she hears she has to work with Father Eric.

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Theresa is confused by Daniel's offer.

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