Marge Bernardi appears at Sami's cell to tell her she was wrong to think she'd get away with murdering her husband. Sami calls fruitlessly for a guard. Marge pulls out a photo of Timmy to make Sami feel bad. She won't believe Sami didn't want her husband dead. She asks why Sami hated him. Sami insists she didn't even know it was Bernardi by Rafe's bed until after. Marge says she's lying. She taunts her that she'll rot behind bars and hopes she never sees her children again.

In Kayla's office, EJ asks her if they have enough evidence to exhume Bernardi's body. Kayla tells him and Justin that she's convinced another autopsy would exonerate Sami. They have to get a judge to agree. Rafe thinks about Marge's words in his hospital bed. Nicole is there. She can't afford to lose him since she has few friends. He reassures her. She says he must be relived he rid himself of Sami. Rafe wishes he could talk to her. Nicole goes on about how Sami ruined the school opening for Eric. Rafe smirks. It's obvious to him she really cares about Eric. Nicole sniffs that he's a good friend. She tells him about Eric getting sick. Rafe wants to look over the case notes, but Nicole says he can't say anything.

EJ visits Sami who is upset about Marge. He tells her the hearing was delayed but Justin is cautiously optimistic. She could be home-free. Justin calls - they got the court-order.

At the courthouse, Marge tells Justin the exhumation is never going to happen.

In the park, Theresa and JJ bicker about her new boyfriend. She says he was going to get her some blow. JJ tells her to call her boyfriend when she needs a fix.

At Jennifer's place, she tells Brady if he's going to see Kristen again to be wise about it. Brady brings up Daniel. Jennifer says they can't be together right now because her son needs her.

At the station, Daniel and Eric listen as a detective tells them a woman spilled coffee on the evidence from the hotel room. Kristen, dressed as Susan, has locked herself in the next room. Daniel and Eric try to talk her out. Kristen knocks something over. They pick the lock, open the door, and are stunned to find 'the woman' went out the second-storey window. Eric talks about a woman he met at the hotel. He wonders if she had something to do with him getting sick. He describes her as attractive and sophisticated. The officer says the woman there was quite the opposite.

At the hospital, Jennifer confronts Theresa about failing to do as requested. She's tired of dealing with her and calls Anne to come up. Jenn says she's not going to have a job anymore. Theresa panics that she'll have to go back to L.A. and tells Jenn she's not as nice as people say. She thinks her problem is that she's not 'getting any'. Anne listens as Theresa rants. Jennifer tells Anne, "She's all yours." Anne lets Theresa know they're on the same page about Jennifer; she's not getting fired. Jennifer visits with Rafe in his room, who raves about Daniel. Jennifer agrees he's great. She thanks Rafe for helping her count her blessings.

At home, Kristen sets down her disguise and Brady arrives. He thinks she's jittery and wants to know what she's hiding. He asks about the garment bag. She realizes he thinks she's seeing someone else and reassures him. He notices she's not wearing her bracelet. She says she lost it at the rectory while dropping in the check. He kisses her and goes. Kristen wonders why doing the right thing has to be so complicated.

Nicole tells Daniel, at the Kiriakis mansion, that she's worried Eric might be in danger. She tells him about running into JJ, who was holding on to something he didn't want her to see, and warns him not to let the kid ruin his relationship. Daniel mentions another incident. Nicole urges him to take charge. He thinks he'll lose Jennifer for good. Later, Jennifer arrives and kisses Daniel.

JJ meets his friends at school and says Theresa wasn't that cool after all. He makes plans to hang out with another girl. The guy who had previously asked her out says JJ has messed with the wrong guy. JJ gets a call from Theresa, who wants to hang out later.

Nicole tells Brady, at the cafe, that she won't bug him about Kristen if he helps her. It's about Eric.

Kristen locates her bracelet at the rectory. Eric startles her.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Eric's shocked to learn Nicole had sex with Brady.

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