In the hospital, Chad accuses Cameron of playing games until Cameron blurts out that he found something on his CT scan and the worst case scenario is that it's a brain tumor. Chad lashes out and orders him to keep it quiet from their family. He'll find a specialist himself. In her office, Jenn's harassed by Anne for not keeping a leash on Theresa and snipes about Theresa fashioning her work ethics after Jenn's. Brady intervenes and Anne stomps off. Brady sighs and says, "She's had no sex since approximately 1923." No prospects, either. Jennifer laughs and he asks her to take a break.

From the park, JJ calls Theresa to let her know he's got something for her. She blows him off. JJ bumps into Nicole and drops the vial of coke. He quickly retrieves it and hides it and Nicole questions him. He ignores her and after introductions are made, she calls herself Jenn's friend. He knows who she is and tells her she's "totally whack." She retorts that he's nothing like his demure mother. JJ calls himself his father's son but Nicole refutes that. She knew Jack and he's nothing like him. JJ pimps out Daniel to her and she snorts, "Don't play a player." She threatens to tell his mother to check his pockets once he gets home.

Theresa goes into the pub and makes herself comfortable at Daniel's table. She ignores a call from Jennifer and flirts with the doctor, babbling about not wanting to eat alone. He's not interested. She gets him a coffee and isn't happy to see Eric arrive. They have a meeting. Eric goes to take a call and Theresa steps the flirtation up and fakes back pain. "It hurts when I do this," she says, pushing her bum at him. He doesn't look up from his cell but tells her not to do that. She finally gives up and flounces off to call JJ. They agree to meet at the park. Later, Chad meets Abby. She asks about his appointment but he's distant and walks away, leaving her at a loss. He makes a call to see a specialist as soon as possible.

At the rectory, Eric receives an update via phone from Mr. Ventura, the specialist Daniel hired to sweep his hotel room. The man has made some progress and found blood on the floor. They hang up and Father Matt arrives. Eric opens up about Nicole's feelings for him. He doesn't want to subject the parish to a scandal. Father Matt advises him to deal with it head on. Later, once Eric's gone, Nicole arrives and Father Matt offers to listen to her confession.

From home, Kristen disguises her voice and calls Mr. Ventura for a meeting. She rushes out the door with a garment bag. Brady's standing there. He wants to take her upstairs but she puts him off, claiming she has a business meeting.

Adrienne shows up on Jenn's doorstep and since she's not there, Adrienne cries on Abby's shoulder about her problems with her husband and son. Abby hugs her and Adrienne brings up giving the attack video to the DA to protect Sonny.

Kristen is disguised as Susan Banks in Mr. Ventura's office. She says her name is Mrs. Winston as she cleans out her ear with a finger. She says she has heard of two-timing men but hers is ten-timing her. She eyes Eric's file and asks Mason's help in taking her husband for everything she can get. He isn't that kind of investigator but she refuses to give up and 'accidentally' topples over his coffee and it spills, ruining all of the evidence he collected from Eric's hotel room. He yells at her to get out but she sees Eric and Daniel outside and locks herself in his bathroom.

Theresa meets JJ at the park. He digs in his pocket for the coke and finds it has emptied into his pocket. He tries to save some of it but this only makes her sneer. "You want me to snort pocket lint and crumbs?" JJ snarks that if she got there on time she'd be flying. He asks who the guy was that she was with.

In the square, Daniel tells Eric he'll have DNA testing done on the blood Mason Ventura found and they'll run the prints from the hotel room.

Brady and Jenn arrive at her place and Brady tells her about his earlier meeting with Kristen. Something seemed off and he wonders if she's keeping secrets again. Jenn tells him to listen to his gut.

Abby goes to see Cam at work. He's too busy to talk and doesn't answer her questions about Chad's appointment.

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