In the rectory, Eric tells Nicole the bishop's not happy about Sami's legal issues but he's not transferring him to a new parish. She's glad and apologizes for judging Sami when she was arrested. He'd like to forget it ever happened but she can tell this isn't settled. He agrees. She brings up Brady reuniting with Kristen. They need to break them up! Eric offers to pray instead of interfering. "The heart wants what it wants," he tells her. She should know that.

Cameron gets a third opinion on Chad's CT scan at the hospital. The doctor suggests to get the patient to a specialist right away. Cameron hyperventilates. Abe passes the doctor on his way out and suggests Cameron sneak out of work to join Chad and Theo at the park. Cam's too busy.

Abby watches Chad showing Theo magic tricks at the lake. She joins them. The guys go hunting for frogs and later rejoin Abby when Abe shows up to bring Theo to speech therapy. Once they're gone, Abby and Chad chit chat and she brings up Stefano. Chad doesn't want to talk about his father. They make plans to drop by the coffee shop to check on renovations when Cameron calls Chad in for a follow-up.

At home, JJ talks to Uncle Lucas about his mom not trusting him. They commiserate over their dislike of Daniel and Lucas offers to help JJ visit Will. JJ runs upstairs and Jenn arrives. Lucas tells her she's got problems with JJ. She wonders what her son has done now and assumes Lucas is accusing her of being a rotten mother. Lucas knows she's doing the best she can. Jenn relaxes and says JJ needs to change his behavior. Lucas calls him a teenager with a pulse. He suggests she let him see Will. He leaves and JJ returns. Jenn gives him the okay to see his cousin and he picks her up and hugs her. She's the best! Jenn laughs and gives him his cell phone. She leaves and he calls Rory to ask if he's got 'the stuff'.

At the hospital, Maxine isn't happy Daniel has been surfing with Parker. Theresa sighs when she sees photos of the doctor, shirtless. Anne drags her to Jenn's office and says she's the bottom of the food chain and needs to get her "skinny ass" down to HR to complete her paperwork or she won't be paid. She leaves and Theresa pops a cigarette in her mouth. Hope catches her. There's no smoking in the building. Hope knows Theresa had a bumpy road before she arrived in Salem and she cares. She'd like to help. Theresa gets sarcastic. Maxine stares at Daniel by the hub. He tells her to let it go. She argues that he and Jenn were great together. Jenn walks by and they clam up. Jenn arrives at her office and Theresa steps out to HR. Jenn thinks Theresa has turned a corner. Hope brings up Daniel but Jenn's tired of defending herself. JJ has to come first. Hope thinks she sounds like Jack. She didn't put up with her walking away from him so why should Daniel? Elsewhere, Theresa finds a nurse to gossip about Daniel with until he walks by heading for lunch. She follows. Meanwhile, Anne barges into Jenn's office searching for Theresa.

JJ meets Rory at school. He thanks him for the calculator. It got him through Chemistry class. JJ's baffled. Rory whispers to check out the battery compartment. Rory comments that the seller was super sketchy and hands over his cell so JJ can call his teacher to get out of class.

Hope arrives at the rectory to drop off papers. Eric needs advice about Nicole. "Do you think it's possible she's developed inappropriate feelings for me?" Hope has seen the way Nicole looks at him. Maybe she's struggling with her feelings.

JJ plays with the vial of cocaine in the park while calling Theresa to come pick it up. She brushes him off saying she's on a date. She hangs up and JJ spins around and bumps into Nicole. He drops the coke.

Theresa misses a call from Jennifer while she heads into the pub to greet Daniel.

Chad arrives at the hospital and accuses Cameron of tearing him away from Abigail on purpose. Cameron tells him to stop it. This is serious. They need to discuss his CT scan results.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Chad is rattled with bad news.

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