Eric dreams about sex with Kristen from his hospital bed. Outside, Nicole tells Brady about Eric's delirium and sobs that Daniel thinks he was poisoned. She still wants to go on their trip once his brother recovers but Brady can see she's in too deep with her feelings for Eric, so they agree to stop being 'friends with benefits' and just be friends. He's been thinking of Kristen and knows he needs zero contact with her. Daniel goes into Eric's room and Eric becomes agitated when the doctor tries to get him to remember what brought this on. Eric says something went wrong. He walks him through the evening. He didn't eat or drink. He recalls registering and Miss Taylor checking in, he had a shower, and that's it. Daniel leaves him alone and Eric pauses as he finds his collar in his things. Brady heads in. Eric is surprised to hear Nicole was there the entire night. He can't remember why she showed up in his hotel room.

Chad calls Abigail from work. She apologizes for running out on him. Cameron and Theo arrive and overhear Chad confessing the timing was off when he told her how he feels about her. He spots Cameron and hangs up. Theo goes off to play and Chad admits he told Abigail he has feelings for her. Cam is glad Chad's finally being honest. Chad says he and Abby have grown closer as friends. He doesn't want to see her hurt and lets Cam know nothing happened between them once he left last night. He doesn't want to be enemies but wants to be with her. Theo interrupts. He wants Chad to go to the park with them but Chad has to work.

Adrienne rants to Jenn at the Horton house about Justin taking Sami's case. Abigail eavesdrops as Adrienne trashes Will and accuses Sami of shooting Bernardi in cold blood. Jenn attempts to defend them and Abby flashes to agreeing to keep the evidence of Sami jumping Bernardi a secret. Abby interrupts and greets both ladies before going off to eat. Adrienne's glad to hear she's dating a doctor.

At their apartment, Sonny and Will discuss Arianna's sleeping habits until Grandpa Lucas arrives and takes the baby. Gabi's off doing a remake exam, so Lucas offers to babysit while they take a break. The guys rush out and Lucas visits with Ari, who has Sami's nose. He hopes she doesn't have Sami's flair for finding trouble.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen accuses Dr. Chykra of sniveling and grovelling. He promised her a guarantee that 'the patient' wouldn't remember a thing. The doctor tries to reassure her. Having slept on it, he admits he was simply being hyper-cautious. It's likely 'the patient' won't recall the seduction. Kristen threatens Cykra before he leaves. She finds the key chain Brady gave her and thinks of him before shooting it in the bin and leaving.

Sonny and Will have a bite to eat at the square. When Adrienne walks by, things get tense. Sonny realizes Will was keeping something from him. Will admits he was and Adrienne accuses Will of taking the high road and not admitting that she tried to get Will to drop her son. Sonny tells her not to make him choose. If she does, she'll be sorry with the results. Adrienne cries. The guys leave and she immediately leaves him a message with an apology and a vow to be more supportive. The guys sit at the park and Will points out that Adrienne made a good point about him and his family. Sonny thinks they belong together. Will kisses him and makes a promise not to get into Arianna's romantic life this way.

Abby returns to the cafe. She gave Chad mixed signals last night but he doesn't seem to mind. Chad will back down if it's what she wants.

Nicole finds Kristen at the hospital hub, dropping off papers for the board and sneaking a peek at the patient list. Nicole confronts her but Kristen plays it cool. Daniel pulls Nicole aside and says the tests results came back negative for poison. They're back to square one. Brady leaves Eric's room and hears Daniel tell Nicole Eric could get his memory back at any time but for now, he's releasing him. Meanwhile, Kristen pokes her head into Eric's room. He frowns.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Cam wants to know what secret Abigail's sharing with Chad.

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