Eric comes upon Kristen arguing with George about booking room 201, which is beside Eric's room in the hotel in Washington. She's in disguise but Eric finds her familiar. She runs off and George shows Eric to the house phone since his cell isn't working. Kristen returns and another staff member books 'Miss Taylor' the room beside Eric - for a fee. Kristen breaks into Eric's room and plays with the vial. She hides and when he arrives, he showers. She prepares a gun and when he returns to the room in a towel, she shoots him in the neck with a dart. He passes out on the bed and she prepares to inject him with the mysterious serum.

Nick arrives late to an appointment with Kate at the pub. For someone so smart, she finds him incredibly stupid and lets him know EJ and Sami stole his formula. He says it's impossible. He has safeguards. Kate retorts, "Maybe your safeguards suck." He's speechless. She throws two weeks' severance at him and fires him. He calls her a 'spiteful bitch', knowing she's letting him go because of what he did to Will. She confirms it and takes off.

At Daniel's, Maggie agrees to sit with Parker overnight while he works. He tells her he and Jennifer aren't seeing eye-to-eye right now. She encourages him to work through it. Daniel spills about JJ's irresponsibility with Parker and how he found his apology insincere. Maggie remembers seeing JJ at the hospital parking lot the day his car was vandalized. They wonder if he's responsible. Maggie doesn't want this to come between Dan and Jennifer.

JJ and Rory high five one another after they find painkillers amidst the stash of laxatives JJ stole from the hospital. Jenn arrives home and JJ tells her they were playing video games and need to get to the library. Rory leaves them alone and she asks what JJ's keeping from her. He covers and says he saw Abigail upset, earlier. Jenn will speak with her later, and appreciates his concern for his sister. They discuss his apology to Daniel. She's proud of him.

Brady dreams he's in bed at home with Nicole, and she morphs into Kristen. He wakes up with a start, with Nicole in his bed. He asks her to go away with him. She wants to but wants to clarify they're 'friends with benefits' which is best for them both for now.

Rory and JJ sell drugs at the park to a young couple. Rory asks JJ to get more. They'll be set for the summer with a few more deals. While JJ leaves a message for Cam, Rory becomes paranoid, asking who he's calling. "Man, that weed is really frying your brain," JJ says, laughing. He fills his friend in on the plan.

Nicole finds Daniel in the square. She tells him she's going away - with Brady. Daniel lectures her. She tells him this isn't a crazy obsession. He doesn't want to see her hurt.

Jenn drops by Brady's to provide comfort over his break-up with Kristen. He calls himself an idiot for opening his heart to Kristen. Jenn says Kristen's feelings for him were true and real. Brady snaps at her. "Kristen got you to drink the fruit punch too." Jenn insists Kristen changed when she fell for him. Brady wonders if she is right.

Kate bumps into Maggie and Parker at the cafe. Parker gives Kate a cookie and the ladies catch up on Arianna. Maggie hopes Gabi and Nick will reconcile. Kate thinks Maggie should concede that Nick's a monster. She won't, so they bicker and Kate leaves.

Nick meets Vargas at the rectory. Nick says he has lost everything and asks Vargas to work with him on a new venture. Vargas may be interested. Vargas suggests he worry more about getting Gabi back. Later, Nicole shows up. She spots some papers and says, "Oh no."

JJ arrives at Cameron's office. A nurse leaves him alone and he starts searching for drugs. Daniel walks in on him.

Jenn runs into Parker and Maggie outside the Kiriakis mansion.

Salem Spoilers for the next Days of our Lives:

Brady decides to reach out to Kristen.

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