Maggie brings Jennifer's bridesmaid dress to the hospital. Though she and Victor are going to the wedding, she calls it a bad idea. Daniel interrupts. The wedding's off. They wonder why and then deliberate over who would slash Daniel's tires. Later, Daniel tries to get information about what JJ used to be like from Maggie.

Victor congratulates John at the pub. His plan to lure Brady away from Kristen was a success. John shakes his head. It's over but had nothing to do with his plan. John flashes to Brady demanding to know if he had sex with Kristen. Victor says he last saw Brady with Nicole, so John gives her a call.

Marlena tells Eric that Brady and Kristen's wedding is off and why. Eric knew Kristen was plotting something. He figures it's time this family healed and thinks she and John are free to get back together. Marlena flashes to Kristen gloating about being in bed with John and shivers.

Brady thanks Nicole for staying with him on the park bench all night. Brady wonders why he falls for women who lie to him. Being that she was one of them, Nicole feels qualified to tell him he's kind and generous, not stupid. He laments that he really loved Kristen. Nicole ignores John's call and gives Brady a pep talk before giving him space.

At the cafe, Chad tells EJ he overheard two cops talking about arresting Kristen last night.

Hope interrogates Kristen at SPD. Stefano waltzes in with his lawyer and Kristen leaves. Stefano calls Sy Miller a red herring and tells Hope the charges are ludicrous.

JJ and Rory lounge at Jenn's house and try to figure out where to score weed. JJ comes up with an idea. He ushers Rory out the back door when Jenn arrives and then apologizes for his recent behavior. Jenn understands. She wasn't a perfect teenager either. He talks about getting a job while he's in school so he can pay Daniel back. Jenn prefers that he focus on school and hands him over a check for his expenses for summer. JJ beams but doesn't think it's enough. Jenn suggests he work for Sonny. He uses Jack's memory to get more from her and when she decides he doesn't need a job at all, and signs another check, JJ grins. He goes and Jenn leaves Kristen a supportive message.

Back at the mansion, Kristen fills Stefano in about what happened last night with Brady. EJ and Chad turn up looking for answers. Kristen tells them everything. EJ asks Chad to give them space and once he's gone, EJ tries to wrap his head around the fact that Kristen really loved Brady. "At least you're not in jail," he says, making her laugh. He'll be there to help her move on. "Who said anything about moving on?" she asks. Chad returns and gives her support. She dashes off, leaving the men to take down decorations.

Hope walks in on Marlena and Eric discussing Kristen at the rectory. Hope tells them Kristen made bail. She leaves to find Sy Miller. Marlena's disappointed. Nicole passes Hope on her way out and tells Marlena and Eric how Brady's doing. He doesn't want to hear from her though. Marlena thanks her and leaves and Nicole says she's making herself available to Brady 24/7. Eric questions if this about their talk last night but Nicole brushes him off and toddles off.

Brady heads into the Kiriakis mansion to tell Maggie and Victor that Kristen never really loved him. Maggie holds him close. She's sorry. Brady expects Victor to gloat but wordlessly, he hugs his grandson. Brady needs to go to an AA meeting. It's agreed that he'll move back in. Brady falls asleep on the sofa while they take off to see Will and Ari. Later, Brady wakes up to Kristen caressing his face.

JJ runs to Rory at the park and they squeal over all the cash they have to start selling weed. Daniel jogs over and JJ makes a comment about Daniel getting his car fixed which leaves Daniel puzzled. Over at the square, John bumps into Marlena. She tells him Brady doesn't want to speak to them and has decided she doesn't want to know what happened last night between him and Kristen. He wants to explain but she tells him she's been fighting so hard... "Goodbye, John."

At the pub, Ciara tells Hope she tried to tell her about the photo of Kristen but she never listens to her. Hope is apologetic and vows to do better. They agree: No more secrets. Ciara wants to give the photo to Brady and Kristen but Hope says they've seen it. "Did they like it," Ciara asks. Hope's quiet but hugs her daughter.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Kristen wants to win Brady back.

Sami's accused of stealing.

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