In the square, Sonny and Will spot Gabi and Nick, who is receiving a warning from gun-toting Jensen. Gabi pleads with the threatening Jensen that she's pregnant. He takes their phones and leads them away. Will and Sonny decide to follow since Gabi looked scared.

At the DiMera house, Stefano smashes out a cigar upon learning that Kate arrived at the hospital.

Outside Rafe's hospital room, Kate is told she can't see him. Maxine clarifies that she can see him soon. Maxine and Kate talk about the kind of man Rafe is - they don't come around often. Nearby, Stefano's man tells him it's done - he now has full access to Hernandez. Kate goes in to see Rafe and Stefano peeks in, listening as she pleads for him to fight to come back to her. Stefano looks thunderous as she tells Rafe he was the perfect lover and turned her life around.

In the pub, Sami confronts EJ about the phone call she overheard. He says she heard correctly. Sami warns him this evidence is damning; Hope thinks he's guilty. EJ doesn't care. Sami demands to know who he was on the phone with. He tells her to go to hell.

At the station, Ciara listens as Hope reads a cop the riot act for misplacing a paper saying a murderer was being released. He says he told Ciara to make sure she saw the letter. Ciara calls him a liar. Hope tells him to pull everything on Jensen and questions Ciara. When Hope finally sees the letter, she sighs deeply. She chastises Ciara for hiding the letter, and learns Jensen's shoeprint matches the crime scene.

Abby joins Chad at the cafe. He gifts her with a motorcycle helmet with her name on it. It's for when they start riding together again. Abby kisses his cheek. Cameron arrives and says motorcycles make paraplegics. Abby accuses him of being jealous. Cameron claims he was merely concerned and leaves. Abby and Chad make plans to go to the new Whoopie World rollercoaster park together. Abby wonders if it's a date. Chad quips that he'd never do something like that. The barista offers to go with Chad, but Abby tells her she's out of luck.

Jensen takes Nick and Gabi on a ferry to a wooded place. Nick asks him to let Gabi go back. Jensen complains about not hearing from Nick since he left Statesville and goes on about being in solitary confinement. He points the gun at them. "You picked a good day to die." Watching, Will panics. Sonny stops him from interfering; they need a plan. Jensen hits Nick and then makes them move to a shed. He forces Gabi to tie up Nick and then ties her up, complaining that she's seen his face now. Jensen lets them know he beat Rafe and will finish him off later. Outside, Sonny and Will make a noise to distract Jensen, who gags Gabi and Nick and goes looking. Will scoots inside to free them. Sonny enters and takes Gabi out. Nick urges Will to leave him to die. Will won't. He hides as Jensen returns and threatens Nick. In the woods, Gabi tells Sonny the baby's coming.

Sami follows EJ into the DiMera mansion hollering at him about walking away from her. He points out that she's accusing him of attempted murder. She rants about him hating Rafe. EJ thought they were going to trust one another. Sami's upset he won't tell her who was on the phone. EJ refuses again, but tells her she's right, he does hate Rafe. He tells her she's insane to think he'd order an attack on Rafe. "If you don't believe me, you can take off my ring and get out of my house." She realizes he didn't do it. They keep screaming until he lifts her onto a decorative table and kisses her passionately. Upstairs, they make love feverishly. After, they discuss absolute trust. She asks again who he talked to on the phone.

Hope meets Vargas at the church; she wants his help. She thinks he knows the person who attacked Rafe Hernandez. Vargas looks at Jensen's photo and says he's scum; why would they let him out? She explains how his conviction was overturned. Vargas tells her if she wants information on Jensen to ask Nick. He explains how Nick caused Jensen to get solitary, adding that he beat Nick up before...and after. Hope gasps.

Sneak peek!

Sami and Kate argue about Kate being involved with Rafe.

JJ is caught hanging out with a bad crowd.

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