Brady asks Marlena what's wrong, outside the pub. She snaps at him and bumps into Eric. He can see she's not happy. The three go inside and Marlena tells them about the divorce. Brady apologizes but she's not giving up. She wonders how Rafe's doing. Brady hasn't seen him. "Of course not," she snipes. He's busy making a big mistake. Brady tells her to give up on John and she walks out. Eric calls his brother an idiot. Brady sighs. He feels bad he hurt Marlena but when John's name is mentioned it's inevitable. Brady begs Eric to come to the wedding to no avail.

At the park, John asks Kristen if she dumped his son. They play games with each other. They're interrupted by some kids and Kristen grabs a note from her purse. John caresses her arm and tells her Brady doesn't have to know... She drops the note and acts offended. She stomps off and he finds the note is a receipt for a room at Salem Inn. After tonight, she and Brady are finished. At the square, Nicole finds Ciara staring at Kristen and Sy's photo. Caroline and Johnny walk up and the kids go off with the sitter while Caroline and Nicole discuss Rafe's beating. Caroline thinks Eric and Rafe are alike. "They're killer handsome." Nicole gasps in surprise and Caroline calls Sami an idiot for dumping Rafe. Nearby, Johnny and Ciara struggle over her envelope. Caroline comes between them and Johnny grins as he steals it.

Nick meets Vargas in the alley and hands over the 90 grand. Vargas wants to give him a commission. Nick declines and Vargas tells him they're not finished yet.

At SPD, Gabi is interrupted by Sami when she explains that EJ took a call the night of Rafe's beating, asking, "Is it done?" She thinks EJ did it. Sami yells that it's untrue. Gabi reminds her it's not the first time EJ tried to kill Rafe. "How stupid can you really be?" She starts in on Sami bed hopping and then blames herself for asking him to get her those muffins from Martha's. Sami tells her it's not her fault and Hope says there was no bakery bag at the scene. Gabi flashes to Nick giving her the muffin bag and makes a dash for the door.

A nurse at the hospital won't give EJ an update about Rafe's health so he reminds her he's on the board. She tells him there's no change. Mystery man shows up and he and EJ give each other a look. EJ follows him into another room. Nick arrives to find Gabi. EJ finds him and harasses him. He leaves when Gabi arrives. She brings up Rafe bringing her a treat from Martha's bakery and that he was going to talk to her about something important. Nick denies knowing what that could be.

From the cafe, Will and Sonny check their GPS. Nick has a receipt for a garage half-way across town during the time of Rafe's beating. Did he fabricate this? They go off to find Gabi who may know something.

Nicole arrives at the pub to see Brady. She gives him a wedding gift. Brady complains that his family won't attend the wedding and leaves his gift behind when he goes. She decides to get him something better. She leaves. Later, Johnny looks at the photo of Kristen and Sy while Marlena and Caroline go over Kristen's manipulations.

Sonny and Will show up at the hospital and Nick drags Gabi away. Mystery man trashes his flowers and leaves.

Nicole goes to the rectory to ask if Eric's going to his brother's wedding. Eric flashes to his last run-in with Kristen and says he's not going. Nicole works on him.

Brady meets Kristen at home. She has decided to marry him. He's relieved and they kiss. He tells her he saw John and then Marlena in tears. Kristen has nothing but nice things to say about Marlena and thinks the two will reunite soon. Brady goes to a meeting and Kristen says she can't back out or Marlena and John could reunite.

Nick tells Gabi at the square that it's a coincidence that he and Rafe both had the same idea to get her a muffin from Martha's. Mystery man interrupts, "Nick Fallon. It's been a while." Gabi knows him from the pub. His name is Jensen. He threatens them with a gun in his pocket.

Sami is at the cafe doubting EJ. She flashes to Rafe telling her about the Sydnapping. EJ arrives. She asks him to be straight. Did he have something to do with what happened to Rafe?

Hope and Ciara arrive at SPD. Hope takes a call about a prisoner. She didn't receive any word on that!

Sneak peek!

Hope learns of Ciara's deception and turns to Vargas.

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