At the cafe, John asks Kristen for a truce. Outside, Brady tells Marlena that he and John have a real chance to reconnect. He doesn't want her to mess it up. She understands and leaves. Inside, John asks Kristen to bury the hatchet with dinner. They agree and Kristen runs off and wonders to herself what he's up to. Brady questions him. John loves him and doesn't want to lose him. Brady asks if John lied about Kristen saying she was using him. John explains that he was unprepared for walking in on him and Kristen having sex. He regrets things said. Brady's silent and runs off, saying they're still on for dinner.

In the park, Sami's against moving in to the DiMera mansion until she realizes that EJ wants to move in with her. That seals the deal. Rafe walks up. He's on his way to the wedding. Sami is dying to tell him about the blackmail. EJ takes over and tells Rafe that Nick's been spreading things about Sami. Rafe is sorry. Things were said that shouldn't have because Nick was worried about Gabi almost losing the baby. Rafe goes and Sami blasts EJ. She thinks Rafe needs to know the type of man his sister's marrying. EJ and Sami walk to the square where he tells her Kristen has moved into the mansion with Brady. She's incredulous that her brother's living with "that cow." Sami can't live with Kristen. "She tried to kill my mother." EJ says, "Everybody tries to kill somebody every now and again. She probably feels ... really... sorry." Sami laughs that off. She'll have to suck up to his father and sister. He tells her to consider it but he won't move in without her. Later, Sami imagines being Kristen's slave while Kristen revels in it. Sami thinks she can do it for Will. Sami goes back into her fantasy and hears her mother telling her, from the basement to run. Kristen says that's how the DiMera's do things. She orders Sami around but Sami throws a martini in her face. She can't do this!

From home, Jenn prepares for the wedding while Hope groans that she can't believe she's just going to let Chloe win.

Nick walks in on a surprised Gabi dressing in her room for the wedding. He's happy to spend "the first of the best days of our life together." They head downstairs and Caroline gives Gabi the bible she used at her wedding for 'something old'. Nick's thankful to her for bringing them together.

Vargas works out in his cell. Today's the first day of the rest of his life. He flashes to telling Nick that one day he'd be paying him back for making him lose three years of his life. The time has come. He's released and tells the guard he has plans.

Nicole walks in on Father Matt at the rectory telling Father Eric that Vargas' room in the priest quarters is ready. She thinks they're out of their minds to let a "jailbird" move in there. He'll rob them blind. What if he hurts Eric? Eric thinks she's borrowing trouble but Nicole knows what ex-cons are like. She's been with a few. She was one! This is why Eric thought she'd be more compassionate but she can't risk losing him again. Eric frowns and runs off to the prison to get Vargas. Caroline walks in and overhears Nicole worrying about Eric getting hurt. Caroline calls Nicole by Chloe's name but immediately realizes her mistake. Nicole tells her about the prison outreach program. Caroline trusts Eric's judgement.

Hope and Rafe arrive at Jenn's for the wedding. Rafe hopes this nagging feeling will go away once Gabi's happily married. Gabi and Nick turn up. The ladies leave the men alone and Nick clears the air. Rafe's family to him now. They shake on it and hug. In the other room, Hope and Jenn give Gabi 'something new' - a shawl, from Jessica, Nick's mother. Hope and Jenn let her borrow Alice's bracelet. One day it'll be hers. The Justice of the Peace arrives and Nick and Gabi are quickly married. Now nobody will come between them and their family, Nick muses.

Kristen finds Marlena at the hospital. She gloats that she, John and Brady had breakfast and will be having dinner together later. Kristen smirks that John's back but not for her. "Ouch."

Eric shows up at Statesville prison. Vargas is ready to go. Salem will be a perfect fit for him.

Brady meets Kristen at the park. He tells her he thinks his father doesn't yet have her out of his system. Her mouth drops.

Marlena and John meet at the pub. He confirms he's dining with Brady and Kristen. She assumes he is going to destroy Kristen.

Sneak peek!

Jennifer opens up to Kristen.

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