At the house, Jenn mopes to Abby because Daniel hasn't called in response to her ultimatum that he cut off all contact with Chloe. Jenn's second guessing herself.

At Daniel's, he demands Chloe give him her word that she'll stop playing mind games with Jennifer or Parker is the one who will get hurt. Their nanny agency calls to postpone an interview so Chloe calls Anne while Daniel heads to work. Chloe tells Parker his daddy's messed up because he's listening to that wench. Anne shows up to babysit while Chloe runs to get information from Abigail.

At Kristen's, she reveals to Brady that she was held prisoner on an island and horrible things were done to her. She cries and says she brought it on herself but eventually was set free for a price. Stefano visited her. He felt sorry for her. Out of desperation to get out she made a pact with the devil. Stefano paid for her and moved her to Paris where she saw a therapist daily to move on from all of the indignities she suffered. Brady listens, horrified. Kristen says Stefano forced her to return to Salem to collect on her debt. She was to rebuild the family. She wanted to run but then she met Brady. She has to move into the house as part of repaying her debt. That's why she lied. Brady hugs her. She can trust him. He agrees to move into the mansion so she's not alone with Stefano. He leaves and she cries herself to sleep until Stefano calls. She tells him she let her guard down with Brady and almost blew it. She muses that she had to tell him the truth!

At the hospital, Kate tells Marlena she would like to see Brady leave Kristen's heart in a bloody pulp on the floor. "Wow, that sounds vindictive. I like that," Marlena quips. She notices how fabulous Kate looks and wants her secret.

At the rectory, Nicole blows up when Eric tells Rafe that he's not pressing charges against Kevin. Nicole wants to press charges. Eric reminds her they were about to discuss something important. Nicole's too angry and takes off with Rafe following. Abe shows up. Eric wants to start a prison ministry and jokes that he has had experience dealing with felons - his sister. Abe agrees to help.

Rafe and Nicole wind up at the cafe, where she tells him about her and Eric's attack and complains about Eric being a saint. She runs to the ladies' room and he calls Kate, who just happens to saunter by. He was calling to give her an update about Gabi and the baby. Nicole walks up. Kate covers for why they're sitting together and leaves. Nicole starts bitching about Kate and Rafe disregards it and gets back to their discussion of prosecuting Kevin. Nicole tells him she's staying in Salem to "see this thing through to the end."

Daniel arrives at Jenn's. He can't cut Chloe from his life. Is there a middle ground? They profess their love for each other and Daniel promises not to let Chloe interfere in their lives. They kiss.

Chloe meets Abby at the square to clear the air but Abigail sees right through her and starts in on Chloe being a liar and manipulator. She rubs in Daniel's love for Jennifer in Chloe's face.

Brady bumps into Marlena outside the pub. He comes right out and tells her he's moving into the DiMera mansion with Kristen. She's upset and says John will be, too. Brady's sorry. He runs off.

Sneak peek!

Sami tells Nick she'll use Gabi's secrets against her.

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