Brady lets Kristen know at her place that he can't ever marry her. She thinks he has some terminal illness and wants to spare her the pain of losing her. He opens up about being engaged twice to women who died before he could marry them. Kristen asks, "What are you bad luck Brady?" Emotional, he tells her he doesn't want to ruin what they have.

Gabi walks into her room and gets a shock when she finds Nick naked on her bed with a stuffed heart covering his male bits. She laughs and finds it hot. They make love and he promises to take care of her and the baby forever.

EJ hands Caroline a rose at the pub. "The answer is no," she says but takes it anyway. He teases her once a big bouquet of flowers comes for her. She makes a face when she reads the card.

Maggie gives Victor a Valentine's Day card at home. He gets mushy and gives her an up-to-date family tree. "I like gifts," she breathes and switches their date to dinner so he can visit Caroline at the pub. She noticed he sent her an arrangement and thinks Caroline might like the gift of companionship. Later, Brady arrives and orders flowers for Kristen. He tears up. Maggie notices and assumes Kristen did something wrong. He gets his ire up. Kristen's too good for him. Maggie's just being a friend but Brady feels the only friend he has is Kristen.

Sami finds Will at the square and blurts out how she thinks EJ's going to propose. Will wonders why since two weeks ago she was going to marry Rafe. Sami saw the ring in EJ's pocket and runs off for her date. Will opens a present from Sonny - it's an engraved mp3 player filed with their favorite songs. Gabi drops by and Will thinks Sonny may want to reunite. Will runs to change and get Sonny a gift.

Sami hustles into the pub and gets a kiss from EJ. Caroline shoots them a look and runs off to work. EJ chose the pub for their date so she won't feel she has to choose between him and her family. She finds a small box on their table and huffs and puffs in excitement but frowns when she sees it's a pair of earrings. She covers and he gets romantic. She recalls the first time he gave her earrings. He can't imagine his life without her. She melts when he professes his love. In walks Victor. Nick offers to bus tables while they dine. Victor tells her Maggie knows how important Caroline is to him and they reminisce. Upstairs, Gabi worries Sonny will tell Will what she did to Melanie.

Sonny sympathizes with Chad at the cafe. Neither of them has a date for Valentine's Day. Brian waltzes in and Chad gives them space. Brian apologizes for the other night but Sonny explains he's not ready... he's still in love with Will. Brian understands. He gives Sonny a smouldering look. He likes Sonny. Sonny flashes to Will agreeing to be friends so they make a date for later. Chad returns to tell him he's happy to see Sonny moving on with Brian.

Chad and Kristen have lunch at Mandalay and he sulks about losing Melanie and Abigail. Kristen tells him Horton and DiMera romances always end up train wrecks. He regrets what he has done. Kristen forgot to tell him that the best revenge comes with a price tag. "You might lose a little piece of yourself." She's been there. He sees her with Brady and hopes he has a happy ending, too. She gets a thought and has to go.

As he showers at home, Will fantasizes about Sonny joining him. Later he writes a romantic note for Sonny.

Kristen returns home to a bouquet of flowers and a touching card from Brady. Trite, but she knows it comes from the heart. She's not sure if she can go through with the revenge. Brady calls and they agree to meet.

At work, Sami gets flowers and a card from EJ. She finds a ring box on her desk and laughs. "He set me up!" He walks in and asks what she thinks of his proposal.

Will turns up at the pub with a gift and flashes to better times with Sonny. He goes in. Sonny's stringing red hearts.

Sneak peek!

Rafe and Kate confront Nick.

Will is letdown.

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